‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Drives Fans Wild In Daisy Dukes & Pigtails

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Yanet Garcia is driving her fans wild once again. The “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” seems to manage to do just that every time she updates her Instagram account, although something about those Daisy Dukes seems to have a mesmerizing effect on the Latina’s followers. Just recently, Yanet jogging on the beach in a pair of her much-loved denim shorts had many of her fans gushing.

Wednesday, Yanet delivered a fresh Instagram update. The photo wasn’t a provocative one – snaps from Yanet rarely are – rather, the simple charm seemed to be doing it for Yanet’s followers. The weather girl was seen in what was technically a candid moment as she made her way through a doorway, although a professional finish was noticeable.

The photo showed Yanet shot in daylight and full length. The star was seen descending a small step near some glass doors and clutching onto a door frame. As to the outfit, it seemed to be showing off Yanet’s cute sense of style. The star was seen flaunting her long and super-toned legs in a pair of light Daisy Dukes with a slightly frayed detailing, with the shorts doing wonders for Yanet’s muscly legs. The star paired her shorts with a cute long-sleeved pink sweater, plus a stark-white pair of sneakers. Yanet appeared to have added more girliness into her look by virtue of having her hair tied into braided pigtails.

The star was seen looking downward and delivering her beautiful smile, plus holding what appeared to be a nutrition shake. The Tonder brand on the bottle is one that’s often mentioned by Yanet when she posts as an influencer.

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Fans are going a little wild.

“Me think she killed everyone in there…that smile proved it,” one fan wrote.

“Legs” was all another could manage.

“Them quads thooo” saw one fan pick up on the muscles.

As to the overall response, the post managed to rack up over 50,000 likes in an hour.

Plenty more comments came in, with most either being in the star’s native Spanish or in English. A fair chunk of users also opted for emoji, and they did it by the bucket-load. Yanet was sent strings of fire emoji by many users, with heart and alien emoji also left on the comments section.

Yanet’s career seems to have taken off. The star is still known for her appearances on Mexican television, although she’s now somewhat of a sensation on Instagram, boasting over 11 million followers. Yanet’s updates seem to showcase various aspects of her life, with a heavy focus on fitness making for great workout posts. The star also recently got herself a little pup named Mamacita who has its own Instagram account.

Fans wishing to see more of Yanet can follow her on Instagram.