October 23, 2019
Kelly Ripa Posts Bed Snap With Shirtless Hubby Mark Consuelos Complete With A 'Nude' Pun

Kelly Ripa's sense of humor is back on Instagram. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host seems to fill her account with it by the bucket-load. Earlier this year, Kelly posed lying covered in bread loaves with no pants for an update that seemed to drive her fans wild. Today brought no bakery items, but it did bring plenty of humor, plus a treat for fans of the 50-year-old's hunky husband Mark Consuelos.

Kelly's photo showed her lying in bed with Mark. Fans likely noticed the Riverdale actor being shirtless off-the-bat. Kelly herself didn't feature too much in the image. The star's face was just about visible, with the finish seeming out to shine a light on Kelly's husband. Given that the post was mentioning the TV show that he stars in, it all made sense. The image showed the much-loved couple appearing relaxed in bed, with Mark's ripped torso making quite an appearance as he lay with bedsheets rising up below his navel. Mark gazed at the camera with his wife doing the same while she took a selfie.

Kelly almost always posts a humorous caption along with her photos. The star had gone down the same route with this post, informing fans that a "new" episode of her husband's show was airing tonight, although Kelly had definitely played on the word describing nudity, with caps used and a tongue-in-cheek feel.

Kelly's update quickly proved popular, racking up over 19,000 likes in just 20 minutes. Fan comments reflected how they loved the photo, with Mark receiving many compliments.

Kelly and Mark's marriage does seem to spark both gushing and curiosity. The couple has been together for over two decades, having tied the knot back in 1996. Given that Hollywood marriages tend to come with a short lifespan, the longevity of this relationship seems to get fans curious about just how the two have made it work for so long.

Mark has spoken out about his marriage in an Esquire feature where he opened up about being married to Kelly.

"I'm an incredibly slow learner, so I feel like I'm just getting it. Like 'Oh, this is what you're supposed to do,' or, 'OK, sometimes yes means no.' After 23 years, I'm just learning that—so no, I don't think I could give anybody advice. I guess sometimes you see these public marriages end and you wonder, 'Really? You're going to quit now? It's just been a couple of years," he said.

It looks like Mark has learned – at least, whatever's required by Kelly. Fans wishing to see more of Kelly and Mark should follow their social media accounts.