Lindsay Lohan Trial Imminent, Plea Deal Talks Reach Impasse

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan is going to trial, and then perhaps straight to jail. The trial over the Santa Monica traffic accident last year is scheduled to start next Tuesday. If insider sources, Lohan is simply refusing to accept any type of a plea deal which involves either jail time or a stint in rehab.

The star’s attorney, Mark Heller and prosecutor Terry White are reportedly now making preparations for trial. Lindsay Lohan is accused to lying to police officers about the accident and a probation violation.

Key witnesses in the case include the star’s body guard and passenger Gavin Doyle. The pair have reportedly been told to be prepared to offer testimony about the Santa Monica car accident next week.

Los Angeles City Attorney Terry White is reportedly requiring either a rehab stay or time behind bars as part of any plea deal offered to the former child star. Lindsay Lohan was allegedly offered a plea deal that included 90 days in rehab and 45 days of jail time.

If source claims are accurate, the case against Lohan is a strong one. Gavin Doyle, the passenger, will allegedly testify that Lindsay Lohan was indeed driving at the time of the accident. Doyle is supposedly only one of multiple witnesses that will put the Canyons star behind the wheel.

Last summer the car which Lohan was allegedly driving ran into a cement truck along the Pacific Coast Highway. Even if Lindsay is not convicted of the traffic accident-related charges, she could still find herself adorned in an orange jumpsuit.

The judge could rule that Lindsay Lohan did violate the terms of the probation ordered after a necklace theft. If the court so rules, the former Disney star could spend 245 days in a jail cell.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, attorney Mark Heller was chastised by the judge for his lack of knowledge about California state law. The judge in the case suggested that a local attorney offer assistance to the defense. When Lindsay Lohan appears in court on March 18, she is expected to tell the judge that she plans to keep Heller at her side.

What type of plea deal would you offer Lindsay Lohan?