Charly Jordan Drives Her Instagram Fans Wild As She Flaunts Her Perfect Bikini Figure In New Video

Charly Jordan, an American model and DJ, teased her Instagram fans with a tantalizing video and a heads-up about a new, fun project she's working on with fellow model Rachel Cook. The reaction to the video has been strong and swift, and people are likely anxious to see more.

Jordan's Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon showed her wearing a tiny black bikini. The 20-year-old blond bombshell was filmed walking from a luxurious patio to an infinity pool with a gorgeous landscape off in the distance.

Charly played with the waistband of her bikini bottoms as she walked and she gazed seductively toward the camera and played with her hair. Jordan's amazing figure was perfectly highlighted with the aforementioned skimpy black bikini, which featured a triangle top and thong bottoms.

The video was only a few seconds long, but it was just long enough to get everybody's pulses racing. The Las Vegas native has 2.3 million people following her Instagram page, and this is just the type of look they love to see from her.

In the first hour after Charly had shared this new clip, the video had already been viewed about 300,000 times. The brief video also was liked around 155,000 times in that initial hour. Additionally, almost 1,200 people commented on the sultry look and confident swagger Charly showcased.

"Love the view I'm seeing with you in it," remarked one of Charly's fans.

"D*mn real life Goddess," noted another admirer.

"You inspire me everyday, beautiful video girl!" shared one of Jordan's enthusiastic female followers.

Jordan noted that she had been working with Max Thompson on this secret project. It turns out that Thompson shared a stunning video on his Instagram page teasing glimpses of this project, too.

The video Thompson posted featured Charly, Rachel, and a white sports car -- a Lamborghini Countach 5000. It seems clear that this is one heck of a sexy project that will drive both Cook and Jordan's fans wild once it's fully available.

Those who follow Charly on Instagram know that it is not at all unusual for her to wear a revealing black bikini or a similarly sultry ensemble in what she shares. In this case, however, it looks like posting a video instead of a still shot was just enough to catapult the popularity of this sneak peek to sky-high levels.

Based on the teases and sneak peeks of this project, it looks as if Charly Jordan and Rachel Cook will have something very sexy to share with their social media followers soon. Pairing two incredibly gorgeous models wearing tiny black bikinis with a stunning Lamborghini seems like a guaranteed way to raise heart rates, and this teaser video clip has definitely left Charly's fans wanting more.