Suzy Cortez Is A Knockout After Posing With Boxing Gloves And Little Else

Anna Harnes

Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez is literally a knockout. Coming high off her recent win in the international Miss BumBum competition, she was no doubt feeling victorious and posted some throwback boxing pics.

The brunette beauty is no stranger to dropping jaws, but her newest series of shots might be some of her sizzling yet, as she wears little other than her boxing gloves in them. The rest of her outfit only consists of a skimpy black thong and racy leather thigh-high boots.

That said, Suzy is no stranger to posting revealing shots, and it is likely part of the reason that the buxom brunette has been able to amass such a large internet fandom, with current tallies at over 2 million followers on Instagram alone.

Just earlier today, she posted a video where she wore a tiny red thong and shook her world-famous "bumbum," as previously covered by The Inquisitr.

Fans can judge for themselves whether her newest pictures are some of her hottest yet. In the first one uploaded, Suzy wears appropriate boxer braids as she looks down and punches at the air. The shot is taken from the side, showcasing her incredible curves and toned midriff. Her black thong hugs her hips, and a peek of her boots are visible.

"So beautiful baby," one lovestruck fan raved, adding three red heart emoji to complete his post.

Many of the comments were in Spanish or Portuguese, as the stunner has a large fandom in her home country of Brazil, as well as other parts of South America. Others replied in the universal language of the emoji, commenting with icons such as the fire or heart-eyes face.

Suzy next wowed fans with an encore picture, taken from the same photoshoot. In this shot, the camera is zoomed out, showing more of Suzy's fantastic figure. Angled slightly from the back, Suzy puts a leg up against a ledge to flatter her famously perky posterior. She also flashes a sultry glance over her shoulder toward the audience.

"Goddess," one fan sighed.

"Gorgeous," echoed a second follower.

"Nice body," added a third Instagram user, along with the thumbs up and 100 percent emoji.

In addition to the two images above, Suzy uploaded a third shot, this time showing her inside and leaning against a wall. This one might have been her raciest yet, as she is topless with only two Xs preserving her modesty. It can be viewed on Instagram.