Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Beach Bum In Yellow Bikini As She Trains Glutes In New Workout Video

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Ainsley Rodriguez added some sunshine to her Instagram page on Wednesday when she uploaded a video of herself training her glutes in a yellow string bikini.

In the clip, the Latina fitness model is standing on a balcony in front of a scenic seascape that appears to be located in her native Miami, Florida. The bikini that she chose for the demonstration doesn’t offer a whole lot of coverage for her posterior but it’s great for showing off the results that her workouts can achieve.

Ainsley showed her followers a circuit that includes jump squats, lying hip abductions, sidesteps, bear crawl kickbacks, and hip thrusts. She did all of these workouts with a bright green resistance band. In the caption, she suggested doing the three rounds of the circuit and told fans that they could find more of her exercise band workouts on the NEOU Fitness app.

Ainsley’s fans shared their appreciation for the video in the comments section of her most recent post.

“Magnificent!” one fan wrote. “Awesome workout.”

“Girl, you stay looking good with the glutes,” another admirer added.

“You have an amazing figure and I love the little dance when you start,” a third commenter gushed.

“Warrior girl,” a fourth wrote.

This is hardly the first time that Ainsley has shown off her enviably toned body in a workout video. As The Inquisitr reported, in a previous post she rocked an emerald green bikini while doing an ab circuit.

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18 min BEACH BUM Workout???? - Try this 18 min circuit ???????? . 45 sec work x 15 sec rest Slide 1: Alt leg out to jump squat Slide 2: Laying Hip Abduction (Right and Left) Slide 3: Side Step Back and Forth Slide 4: Bear Crawl Alt Kickbacks Slide 5: Banded Hip thrust . **Repeat for 3 rounds! . Get my on demand, no-equipment and band workouts on the @neoufitness app (link in bio) ! #321glō - - ESPAÑOL ???????? - Prueba este circuito de 18 minutos (bandas disponibles en mi biografía) - 45 segundos de trabajo x 15 segundos de descanso Diapositiva 1: Alt pierna hacia afuera para saltar en cuclillas Diapositiva 2: Empuje de cadera con bandas Diapositiva 3: Colocación de abducción de cadera (derecha e izquierda) Diapositiva 4: Kickbacks de rastreo de oso Diapositiva 5: Paso lateral atrás y adelante ** Repita para 3 rondas!

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Ainsley Rodriguez may be known for showing off her fit physique on Instagram but she also shares healthy recipes on her page as well. In her most recent post from the kitchen, she showed her fans how to make pumpkin spice donuts in a more nutritious way. She substitutes regular flour and butter for alternatives made from almonds. She also chose to bake her donuts instead of frying them.

“These mini donuts are the perfect morning breakfast, afternoon snack, post-dinner dessert andddd just about food any time of the day!” she wrote in the caption of the post.

With close to 2 million followers on Instagram who seem very engaged with her content, Ainsley has made a career out of sharing fitness-focused photos and videos online. But she confessed that fitness started off as nothing more than a hobby for her in an interview with Simply Shredded.

“I’ve been active my whole life,” she said.

“When I first stepped into a gym and felt the adrenaline pump through my veins as my heart-rate rose, I knew I had found my true passion and I was hooked. What started off as a hobby, quickly turned into a habit, then a full-blown lifestyle.”

To keep up with Ainsley’s inspirational and informative videos and photos, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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LADIES READ BELOW ???????????? . I usually refrain from filming around ‘that time of the month’ because I will literally gain anywhere from 5-8lbs of water weight and just feel hella bloated - who can relate?! ????????‍♀️ . I’ve had this video sitting in my phone and kept on hating how my thighs were rubbing together and how swollen and puffy I felt I looked????????. Now I’m just like IDGAF take it or leave it ????????‍♀️ ???????? why are we so critical of ourselves?!!! I know some people are probably rolling their eyes and I’m not here to fish for compliments. As a female I kinda just wanna let you know we ALL go through it and I too have times where I feel tired, bloated, unmotivated and ‘#notsocute’ ???? . As unappealing as sweating and working out can be around that time it’s actually the best time to do it and can also help shed some of that water! . Here’s a great workout you can do bloated or not. ????????‍♀️ ???? love you all mucho !!!! ❤️❤️❤️???????? . Slide 1: overhead walking lunges down and back Slide 2: switch lunge to brawl x 30 secs Slide 3: side bear crawl room plank jack taps x down and back * repeat 4 times ????

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