Australian Model Madi Edwards Gives A Nod To ‘Mean Girls’ In Her Pink Minidress


Madi Edwards may live Down Under, but the model still knows how to follow the fashion rules of an American cult classic movie.

The Instagram model shared a picture of herself on Wednesday wearing a pink minidress. The caption noted that she was abiding by the rules laid out in the movie Mean Girls, where the leader of the popular girl clique at high school says “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Madi’s Instagram shot was a huge hit with her fans, garnering thousands of likes and supportive comments.

“Gorgeous angel,” one person commented.

“This dress looks so stunning on you,” another wrote.

The dress was actually part of Madi’s online modeling work, as she regularly shares pictures showing off top fashion and swimwear brands. The pink dress came from the brand SportsGirl, which also shared another shot of Madi on its own Instagram page wearing a different form-fitting dress. While it’s not clear how much Edwards makes from her work, social media experts say the pay rate for Instagram models is generally $1,000 for every 100,000 followers — and that is for a single post.

That means that Madi is making more than $5,000 for every post she shares. The Australian model has been steadily building her following on Instagram, now with close to 700,000 followers. As she continues to build her follower base, Madi has attracted attention from celebrity news sites and fashion magazines. A recent feature from Esquire named her among the top 29 Instagram models who could be the potential heir apparent to Instagram superstar Emily Ratajkowski.

The sudden rise to fame has had both its ups and downs for Madi, who said in a recent interview that she sometimes gets fans who are a little too overzealous.

“I get a lot of Instagram DMs asking me to send them my used socks,” she recently told Maxim via The Daily Mail.

“I get these in my Instagram DMs all the time. The worst one I’ve received would have to be, ‘The boys and I discussed you are a nine out of 10. I’m the perfect one for you — with us together we could be the perfect 10.’ Literally word for word. As if!”

Nonetheless, Madi’s Instagram page shows that her fans — or at least those motivated enough to leave comments — are mostly of the supportive variety. They help to gain some viral attention for the photos, giving thousands and often tens of thousands of likes.