Serena Williams Sizzles In A Pink Minidress While Discussing Expanding Her Empire

'I am done and on to the next thing!' the tennis star exclaimed.

serena williams in cream tank and pencil skirt
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

'I am done and on to the next thing!' the tennis star exclaimed.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams no doubt has a lot on her plate. In addition to her tennis career, clothing line, and being a mom to little 2-year-old Olympia, it seems like the Grand Slam champion is forever busy. However, the 38-year-old is always ready to push herself, and now wants to add another challenge: children’s clothing designer.

In an interview with People, the tennis champion discussed how she was inspired by her daughter to branch out into the market.

“I want to design a line of baby-wear inspired by my daughter,” Williams said in the interview. “I take her everywhere, and I hope to have more children.”

Williams and her daughter were pictured together just last weekend at a wedding. Adding to the cuteness factor, the two adorably wore matching pink dresses, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

But it’s not just this weekend; Olympia is often a fixture in Williams’s social media and has won her own legion of fans as well.

Serena discussed her new plans during a photoshoot for her clothing line, S by Serena. The tennis ace said that her design was focused on empowering women — unsurprising considering the star athlete is considered by many to be the epitome of empowerment.

She has not only won 23 grand slam tournaments, a record beaten only by Margaret Court, but also won four Olympic medals. She is also an activist and has discussed the challenges of being a woman of color in a predominantly Caucasian sport.

In addition to taking cues from empowerment, Serena also discussed other aspects that inspired her designs.

“I am inspired by pop culture and creativity, and I like to make a power statement,” she said during her Miami photoshoot.

“I like to stand out. I want to be seen and be heard, and that is my design inspiration.”


“My personal style is that I like both trends and classic looks, so I put them together,” she added. “I bring trendy with classic silhouettes.”

Examples of Serena’s items include dresses, jumpsuits, and the like with trendy design elements like sequins and animal prints. They are also designed with body inclusiveness in mind.

Serena even modeled one of her new pieces: a cute button down pink minidress that Serena looked absolutely stunning in. The tennis star added to the ’90s vibes with a pair of black Doc Martin shoes. The pictures can be seen on People’s website.

“When I do something one day, it is 100 percent. Then when I am done, I am done and on to the next thing!” she added as a final thought.