‘Playboy’ Bunny Sarah Harris Puts Her Booty On Display In Skimpy Thong One-Piece

Sarah Harris poses for a selfie.
Sarah Harris / Instagram

Sarah Harris is showing fans exactly why she made it into the pages of Playboy Magazine with her latest booty-baring bathing suit photo on Instagram.

In the sexy snapshot, Sarah was seen taking a dip in an infinity pool as she popped her curvy backside out of the water while wearing a black thong one-piece suit.

The stunning swimwear showcased Sarah’s famous booty, tiny waist, and toned arms and back as she looked out over a gorgeous ocean view. The model revealed that the picture was taken during a recent trip to Bali, which has become a huge hot spot for models to vacation and snap some stunning new shots.

Sarah had her long, blond hair pulled back away from her face in a low messy bun behind her head, which looked to be damp from her time in the pool. Most of her face was hidden due to the angle of the photo, but she did appear to be sporting long lashes, pink blush, and a bronzed glow for the picture.

Of course, Sarah’s 2 million-plus followers loved the racy snap, clicking the like button over 22,000 times on the photo, and leaving nearly 400 comments within the first day after it was posted to the social networking platform.

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Bottoms up.

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“Amazing girl,” one of Sarah’s Instagram followers wrote in the comment section of the post.

“You should be given an award for being this beautiful and stunning,” another admirer stated.

“Perfect,” a third fan gushed.

“I love you,” a fourth comment read.

Back in 2017, Sarah stunned many of her fans when she spoke out about hating her breast implants. The model, who makes money by flaunting her curvaceous figure, said that the decision to achieve a larger bust was a big mistake for her, and even caused health issues.


“The main reason why I got breast augmentation done was I was doing a lot of modelling at the time. The toll it was taking on my body was too much. I was eating a lot of food, then I wasn’t eating. I was basically starving myself for shoots and I was eating again. Because of my weight was fluctuating so much, what happened was my breast tissue constricted, and it moved upwards, causing my breast tissues to actually herniate,” the model told her followers on social media, per The New York Post.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Sarah Harris by following the Playboy beauty on her social media account, which she updates frequently.