Sofia Vergara Nabs Massive Win After Frozen Embryo Battle With Ex-Fiancé Is Tossed Out Of Court

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Sofia Vergara has been in a drawn-out, years-long battle over her frozen embryos with her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, but the Modern Family star finally got a win after a Louisiana judge dismissed the case.

According to The Blast, Vergara and Loeb got into a battle over some embryos that they had frozen while they were together. But the couple ended their relationship in 2014 before having any children, so Loeb filed multiple lawsuits against the actress to allow him to bring the embryos to life. Vergara said that they signed a contract when they created the embryos, which specifies that both parties have to agree to the act, and Vergara wasn’t giving Loeb her consent.

One of Loeb’s lawsuits took place in Louisiana, where the laws are more friendly for his particular complaint. Vergara argued that Loeb had no ties to the state and had only filed there to help his case – a fraud against the court.

The judge agreed. He threw out the case and then scolded Loeb for filing the case in Louisiana in the first place. Loeb claimed that he had lived in the state at one point and still had a home there, but the judge wasn’t buying it. Part of the evidence against Loeb was a statement where he said that the couple had only spent a few nights in the state now and then.

The judge also said that since Loeb had never voted in the state, had never had a bank account there, and had never operated a business in the state, there was no evidence that he had any ties there.

“Since the pre-embryos in this case are not and never were in a Louisiana facility, Louisiana’s Human Embryo Statue does not apply to them, and they cannot be considered proper party plaintiffs in this case.”

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That wasn’t the only loss for Loeb. The judge also ruled that his request to have the case sealed was denied.

“What information has not been redacted is evidence that Mr. Loeb should have expected to be made public when he brought this lawsuit. Much of it is information that Mr. Loeb himself has disseminated to the media.”

There is still one outstanding lawsuit between Loeb and Vergara in Los Angeles and the two will continue to battle that one out for the time being.

As The Inquisitr reported previously, the lawsuits have put Loeb in a tough financial position. He faced a $76,000 lien for legal fees related to the case.