October 23, 2019
Kelly Ripa Keeps It Real, Shows Instagram Her Pimple

Kelly Ripa might be one of the highest-paid television hosts around, but the Live! with Kelly and Ryan star hasn't let fame go to her head. The 50-year-old is known for keeping it real despite her A-List TV status, with an Instagram story posted to Kelly's account today appearing to do just that.

It's worth remembering that Kelly's sense of humor is a bit of a thing over on her Instagram: Kelly mopping floors in high heels and wearing pin-up hair in a throwback snap more than solidified that earlier this year.

Kelly's stories today showed her having her hair and makeup done – perhaps the footage was taken as the star was preparing for her appearance on Live! Kelly was seen shot close-up and in selfie mode, with fans likely noticing that a pinkish filter had been added. Hints of a floral-print top were visible, although this video definitely wasn't about the outfit. Kelly was looking fresh-faced and smiling, with anyone unsure of what the blonde was attempting to showcase finding themselves prompted by some text at the top of the story.

Kelly then zoomed the camera in a little to showcase that she did, indeed, have a prominent red pimple on her forehead.Kelly followed her story with another showing her appearing to have applied a thick layer of matte foundation to her face, with the star's hair covered by a tan-colored cloth.

Kelly is known for appearing on her show with a full face of makeup. Then again, the star is sometimes photographed makeup-free on the streets of NYC, with the odd social media post showing the blonde fresh-faced. As to Kelly's views on makeup, it looks like she's been giving daughter Lola advice. Earlier this year, Kelly revealed the best piece of beauty advice she'd given to her 18-year-old daughter.

"What is the one thing I've always told you? Never touch your eyebrows! I have always told you never to touch your eyebrows, and you never have, and I'm so right about that," the star said, as People magazine reports.

Lola seemed to be following her mom's "less is more" advice, as the magazine reports, with the star's daughter also having a few words to say.

"Although sometimes I look back on pictures of myself from eighth grade and think, oh, I just did not get it at all," Lola said.

Meanwhile, fans can stay up to date on Kelly's goings-on by following her Instagram account.