Blake Shelton Jokingly Says His Relationship With Gwen Stefani Is ‘For Publicity’ Before Doing Something Sweet

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Gwen Stefani brought up her relationship with Blake Shelton during Monday night’s episode of The Voice, and Blake returned the favor last night as the Battles continued.

As reported by USA Today, the moment came at the end of the show when two talented members of Gwen’s team, Rose Short and Jessie Lawrence, faced off against each other. Things got off to a rough start for Blake earlier in the show when he had to admit that Kelly Clarkson was right about something. She had said that it was impossible to choose between Cory Jackson and Zach Bridges after watching them perform “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” and Blake agreed. However, he didn’t shed any tears over that decision; those didn’t start falling until later on when Rose and Jessie moved almost everyone to tears with their rendition of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Gwen Stefani had an extremely tough choice to make between the two singers, who had developed a friendly relationship as they worked together.

“I had no idea they were going to be that dynamic,” Gwen said of their partnership.

After their performance wowed the coaches and the crowd, Blake shared his thoughts by immediately referencing his relationship with Gwen.

“This may come as a shock to the both of you, but Gwen spends a lot of time with me when we aren’t working on the show,” Blake said. “Our relationship’s just for publicity, though.”

John Legend, who is married to model Chrissy Teigen, then cut in.

“I know the feeling, Blake,” he quipped.

Blake informed Rose and Jessie that Gwen had been talking to him a lot about their pairing, and he complimented Jessie on his “cool style.”

“I don’t know where you learned it from. Probably from your awesome coach, that I do spend a lot of time with when we’re not on the show. She likes me!” he continued.

Blake refused to help Gwen out by picking a winner of the Battle, but John told her that he was slightly leaning towards Rose.

“I haven’t spent as much time with Gwen as Blake has,” he began.

“You’re damn right, you haven’t,” Blake interjected.

“But I will say, she really did rave about the two of you together and what interesting stories you have to tell,” John continued.

Gwen Stefani described the decision she had to make as “heart-wrenching.” She ultimately chose Rose, but she used the save that she still had, thanks to losing James Violet to John Legend, to keep Jessie on her team. Kelly Clarkson was so happy about this that she jumped up and gave Gwen a hug. Blake then shocked everyone by slamming his hand down on his red button.

“Blake wants to sleep alone tonight,” quipped host Carson Daly.

However, when Blake spoke to Jessie, he revealed that he wasn’t trying to poach a talented singer from his girlfriend’s team — he just had something he wanted to say. After he finished, Jessie was crying, Kelly was bawling her eyes out, and Gwen was tearing up.

“Let me say my piece,” he said. “I’m not going to make a pitch to you, because that’s the coach for you,” he said of Gwen. “But I wanted to show you how much respect I have for you and how much you deserve to be on this show, dude.”

So even though Blake Shelton got to show off his signature silly side a few times, it was an emotional night on The Voice.