Demi Rose Bares Cleavage In Pink Gingham Cropped Top And Denim

Model Demi Rose expressed her feelings earlier today when she shared some footage of herself in the bathroom mirror listening to a special song. Her 10.4 million followers on Instagram appreciated the glimpse into the model's life as she makes her way in Las Vegas.

Rose looked like a Western queen wearing a bell-sleeved, pink gingham cropped top that tied right under her ample cleavage in her Instagram story. The top showed off the model's flat tummy, and she had on light-colored denim pants. The brunette beauty wore her long locks in curls that fell over her shoulder, and the model wore brown eye shadow with black mascara and a pink lip gloss. She had on several beautiful rings that drew attention to her light-colored manicure. As Rose touched up her makeup, her late mother's favorite song came on, and she appeared to tear up a bit as it played in the background.

"When you're in the bathroom, and your mom's favorite song comes on…. This was one of the songs I chose for her funeral. I had goosebumps. Sweet signs," Rose wrote on top of the clip.

In the next clip, Rose revealed that the name of the song is "The Prayer" by Celine Dion after several fans wrote to her asking what song played in her video.

A few minutes later, Rose shared a picture of a beautifully manicured hand with lovely rings, and she had some words of wisdom to impart to her millions of followers on the popular social media platform.

"Still very much hurting from this all. I occasionally get shaky. It's ok to deal with your emotions, sit with them, live with them. It's ok not to be ok," Rose wrote, reassuring herself as well as her followers.

According to a Daily Mail report, the model's mother, Christine Mawby, passed away in June. Her mother's passing came just eight months after Rose lost her father, Barrie Mawby, last October.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported that Rose has been setting up some wild West style photoshoots during her trip to Las Vegas, and in one, she wore some leather chaps and a garment made up of strategically placed fringe. For several days, she's posted a series of shots from the desert, mostly featuring various types of western-inspired outfits.

While Rose's fans most certainly follow her to keep up with her gorgeous modeling photos, they also appear to appreciate the glimpses she gives into her life, and the model often offers little pieces of advice and uplifting messages in her Instagram stories.