Chelsea Could Remain Undefeated All Season, But Jose Mourinho Isn't Interested

Arsenal fans are getting worried. In 2003/2004, their side went unbeaten for an entire season, and their achievement was so historic that they were given the moniker, The Invincibles.

But now Jose Mourinho's 2014/2015 Chelsea side are increasingly looking like bonafide rivals to this record. Chelsea are currently unbeaten in 23 games in all competitions, and they are top of the league by six points.

This has led to rumors and suggestions that Chelsea could go unbeaten for the entire season, just like Arsenal did over a decade ago.

However, Jose Mourinho has admitted to BBC News that he isn't concerned about such accolades. In fact, he is only interested in acquiring as many points as possible.

"I'm not looking for records, I'm looking for points. Victories and points. And if possible, at the end of the season, titles."

If Chelsea beat Newcastle United on Saturday, then they will be just the fourth team in Premier League history to be unbeaten in the opening 15 games. They will also set a club record of 24 matches unbeaten if they don't lose the encounter too.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho also has a theory for why his Chelsea side have started so impressively this season. The Portuguese manager is adamant that there are no egos in his squad.

Mourinho told Yahoo! Sports that none of his players are interested in claiming individual awards, and they are only concerned with winning soccer matches.

"I think a good quality of our team is exactly that we don't care about it [individual success]. We just care about the team, about the result, about the table, about our collective ambitions.

"We don't have space for selfish people. We don't have space for egocentric people. We don't have space for people who think more about themselves than the team.

"I think this is a great quality for us. Obviously we like very, very much to have someone voted player of the month or have somebody score the goal of the week - these little things that for some are big things but for us are small things."

"What we want is to win matches, play well, make people realise that we play not just to get a result but to reach a certain level of quality of our game.

"We are happy with the results. We are happy that people are saying Chelsea is playing flair football more than ever. That's our whole objective. We are a team."

[Image via Africa Top Sports]