Texas Hottie Hope Beel Looks Smoking Hot In Skimpy Lingerie & Glasses

Hope BeelInstagram

Hope Beel exchanged her bikini for a set of sexy lingerie this week. The Texas model looked like a complete bombshell as she posed in the racy underwear, which was sure to steam up her followers’ Instagram feeds.

Hope is known for her chiseled body and stunning figure, and the girl has proved that she can definitely rock a gorgeous dress. However, she seems to be in her element when she gets to flaunt the curves she works so hard at the gym to get.

On Tuesday night it was no different. The model stunned her 1.2 million followers by showcasing her impressive physique in a plum-colored bra and matching panties. The model put her ample cleavage, flat tummy, rock-hard abs, curvy booty, lean legs, and toned arms on full display in the snap, which also showed a seriously sexy side of Hope.

In the photo, Beel wore her dark brown hair in loose curls that she pushed to the side and over her shoulder. The raven locks cascaded over Hope’s skin as she gave a sultry stare into the camera while pulling down her black rimmed eyeglasses.

Hope’s piercing gaze was accentuated by her glam makeup look, which consisted of defined brows, long lashes, and black eyeliner. She also added pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering glow, and a light pink color on her lips to finish off the racy look.

Through her sexy photos, Hope reveals that she tries to motivate and inspire her followers to lead a healthy lifestyle and claims that her job is one of the most rewarding of them all.

“I can honestly say I have one of the best careers, I’m able to help women every single day become their best selves. What a blessing that just by sharing my journey and story I can inspire others to want to do more. The best feeling is when a client becomes more confident over time, or when they are able to fit into a pair of jeans that have been hiding in the closest for years, and even better yet, when they have pizza and actually enjoy it instead of feeling guilty because they know they are still getting the results they are looking for,” Beel reveals in the bio section of her personal website.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Hope Beel’s wildly toned body in lingerie, bikinis, stunning dresses, workout clothes, and more by following the model on her Instagram account, which she keeps regularly updated.