Blond Smokeshow Anna Katharina Dazzles Fans In Striped Swimsuit With Plunging Necklne

David BeckerGetty Images

Anna Katharina gave her fans a treat on Tuesday when she uploaded a video to Instagram in which she’s rocking a striped swimsuit with a plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage. The golden-haired stunner strikes a couple of sexy poses in the clip, something she poked fun at in her caption. As she turns, Anna reveals that her swimwear is cut in a way that reveals a whole lot of her pert posterior.

“I just did every IG model pose in under 10 seconds #guinessworldrecord,” she wrote.

Despite the joke, fans seemed to enjoy the poses and her outfit.

“Haha your caption,” one fan wrote.

“And you did them all BEAUTIFULLY,” another follower said of the poses Anna expertly struck in the video.

One admirer was a bit more verbose than the others.

“Wow, you are hotter than fire and sexier than sexy can ever be, hon,” they wrote. “You are stunning and adorable, honey.”

Anna Katharina has made self-deprecating jokes about her Instagram photos before. As The Inquisitr reported, in one post, she rocked windswept hair while wearing a patterned bikini from Fashion Nova on the beach. While anyone would probably look at the photo and describe it as a sexy Instagram post, Anna had this to say about it in the caption:

“This hairstyle is called “just walked through a bunch of spider webs”

In another smoldering Instagram photo, she pulled down her jeans to reveal pink bikini bottoms. She did, however, take a different route in the caption.

“You need to sneeze but make it fashion”

While Anna has become known for her bombshell swimsuit photos and hilarious Instagram captions, she recently announced a new project that sees her adding a new title to her resume — fitness influencer. She is set to launch her first fitness guide, which will include the workouts she uses to keep her body looking as amazing as it does. According to Anna’s announcement post, it will include instructions for her resistance band exercises and her go-to routines for her glutes and legs. She’s also adding in a nutrition plan with recipes and grocery lists.

“There are thousands of fitness and nutrition plans already out there, so you might wonder why I decided to make one as well,” she wrote in the caption of a subsequent Instagram post.

Anna went on to say that her plan will include her signature frankness.

” I knew that if I were to ever take the time to create my own, it would be an honest reflection of the years of trial and error,” she added.

Anna Katharina’s fitness guide is set to be released at the end of this month.

In the meantime, fans of the model can see more of her photos and life updates on her Instagram page.