‘Star Wars: First Assault’ Screenshots Show Bespin And Tatooine

'Star Wars First Assault' screenshots reveal Bespin and Tatooine

Star Wars: First Assault has had screenshots leaked, showing Bespin and Tatooine.

The Star Wars game that may never be is still getting information leaked. The downloadable shooter was discovered in summer of 2012, and since then, Disney has been silencing all marketing involved with the game.

Disney has stopped hiring at Lucasarts, and what may be a precursor to Star Wars: Battlefront III could end up saved for an announcement at a future E3 event, or it may never see the light of day.

Of course, rumor and speculation are all we need to support ideas based on recently leaked screenshots showing maps for Bespin and Tatooine. Could we have a pod race-style shootout on Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s home planet? Perhaps we’ll witness Darth Vader’s invasion of the Cloud City prior to Han Solo’s famous arrival in The Empire Strikes Back.

Kotaku has an inside source close to the developers of Star Wars: First Assault, who has leaked screenshots from the game. Sources previously revealed an 8 vs 8 multiplayer option, which should have Star Wars game fans drooling over the possibilities.

The first-person shooter features 16-player matches where teams can be rebels or stormtroopers. We all hope the stormtroopers have more accurate guns than they do in the Star Wars movies, or the rebels will have an easy time with the battles. One appearance from an experienced Millennium Falcon pilot and it could be all over.

Speaking of the Millennium Falcon, the developers have been working on vehicles including Tie Fighters and AT-ST walkers. Perhaps pod racers will also be available on Tatooine?

Rumors also state that Star Wars: First Assault and Battlefront, and Star Wars 1313 may be getting alterations for the upcoming episodes 7 through 9. A tie-in to the Han Solo and Boba Fett films could very well tie in closely to the Bespin screenshots.

Are you excited about the possible release of Star Wars: First Assault?