Kelly Ripa Flaunts Killer Legs In Sheer Mini Dress On Instagram, Straight-Up Nails Jimmy Kimmel Caption

Kelly Ripa's famous legs are back on the 'Gram. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host does seem to have some of the best legs around, although her update today didn't seem to be entirely about showcasing them. Kelly appeared to be giving a nod to another famous talk show host, with today's post seeing the 50-year-old mention Jimmy Kimmel.

It's worth remembering that Kelly's Instagram updates offer humor by the bucketload; Kelly lying covered in bread loaves with no pants more than solidified that earlier this year.

Kelly's update today came with two photos. The first showed the blonde appearing to be backstage in a lounge area at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with a bag bearing the show's logo seen near the star. Kelly herself was looking absolutely sensational. The star was photographed in a dangerously short and sheer black mini dress in black-and-white, with the super-mini feel doing wonders for her toned legs. Kelly might come pint-sized, but this star is a muscle machine. Kelly's legs were showing plenty of strength, with the star's feet seen in a glittery and gold pair of high heels. Kelly was seen smiling with her long blond hair worn down. The second image showed Kelly close-up with two others.

A caption from Kelly jokingly suggested that watching Jimmy Kimmel's show from behind-the-scenes was almost as much fun as being featured on the show. Admittedly, it was a pretty amusing way of looking at the situation.

Kelly will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's couch tonight. In a way, it makes a change for Kelly as the star tends to be the one doing the interviewing over on her daytime series.

Kelly has opened up about what goes on during her time on Live!. Speaking to The Cut, the star revealed what fans don't see.

"After the show, I go to the post-production meeting and then I go to the production offices. I've always attended the production meetings, even before I was an executive producer. I think it's important to figure out what's working and what's not working," she told the media outlet.

"I don't get bogged down in stuff that most people get bogged down in. I go by what feels right and what feels entertaining to me and our audience," Kelly added.

For the most part, fans seem to love Kelly's show just as it is. Fans gear up for watching Kelly and co-host Ryan Seacrest making their way onto the stage on weekdays, with videos of backstage moments often posted to the series' Instagram.

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