October 25, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Stuns In Green Plaid Shirt, Ripped Jeans & Beanie While Hanging Out On Steps

Chelsea Houska doesn't need much to look drop-dead gorgeous. The Teen Mom 2 star is pretty unfussy overall, although she will doll herself up on occasion. The star has rocked leather shorts with husband Cole DeBoer, although Teen Mom fans' obsession with the couple is a whole other story – Chelsea recently drove Instagram wild kissing Cole while wearing Daisy Dukes.

On Tuesday, Chelsea returned to social media to post a new Instagram story. While she mentioned the Lauribelles brand that she works for as an influencer, the snap was nowhere near a professional one. In fact, it seemed to show Chelsea completely relaxed and hanging out on some stairs.

Chelsea was looking stunning – and this girl is a real beauty. The famous redhead was seen rocking a ripped black pair of jeans, with a loose and trendy plaid shirt in a mostly-green shade pairing it. That said, with the shirt also boasting white and black colors, there was a matching feel to the look, which was further evident from the cute black beanie atop the star's head.

Chelsea had been photographed in a relatively dim-lit stairwell, but her beauty was clearly visible. The star appeared with her long glossy locks worn down under the hat, discreet makeup enhancing her features as fans saw a little smoky eye makeup and lip gloss. Chelsea was seen smiling and gazing upward a little.

Life seems on the up for Chelsea right now. The star's rocky beginnings as a teenage mother are a thing of the past, with Chelsea now raising firstborn daughter Aubree with the two children she welcomed with Cole. That said, the arrival of the couple's third child did bring panic attacks for Chelsea, which she opened about while discussing the robbery that affected their home, as E! News reported in May.
"Around six months postpartum, I started experiencing some—I would say—pretty severe anxiety attacks and I think it was a mixture of postpartum and the robbery. I think it was a mixture of a lot of things."
"This seemed different from the others but I think it is something I experienced after the other two also. I think it's helpful to share because sometimes when you're in it, you can feel like maybe you're the only one or the people don't understand so I wanted other people to watch it and relate," Chelsea added.

Chelsea shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom 2. Fans wishing to see more of Chelsea and her family should follow her Instagram account.