Ivanka Trump Stalker Arrested In Florida


Ivanka Trump’s stalker was arrested by police in Florida last weekend. He was taken into custody after allegedly following the model-turned-businesswoman to a golf tournament and attempting to make contact with her.

The stalker, identified as 32-year-old John Eugene Enabnit, has an alleged history of stalking Ivanka Trump — daughter of multimillionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump. She was granted a restraining order in New York which bars Enabnit from coming within a certain proximity.

Ivanka Trump was visiting Doral, Florida to attend a World Golf Championship event. The annual tournament is part of the PGA circuit, and reportedly draws world-famous golf competitors.

According to authorities, the stalker was spotted at the Trump Doral Resort & Spa, the hotel where the event was held. He was taken into custody on Sunday and charged with violating the New York restraining order.

Doral Police Chief Richard Blom indicated that Ivanka Trump’s stalker freely admitted to violating the court order. Enabnit reportedly informed the detectives that he came to Doral with the specific intention of making contact with Ivanka Trump.

Following the arrest, Doral police notified the New York district attorney’s office of the restraining order violation. Enabnit is expected to be extradited to New York where misdemeanor stalking and harassment charges are pending against him in Manhattan.

Ivanka Trump’s stalker has become an increasing presence recently. Enabnit was reportedly involved in numerous incidents involving harassment against 31-year-old Trump just last month.

On seven occasions between February 18 and February 22, the man was escorted from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. In a complaint regarding the incident, security guards at Trump Tower claim that Enabnit repeatedly demanded to speak with Ivanka Trump.

As Ivanka Trump’s stalker was being forced from the building he reportedly shouted, “You’re going to need an order of protection against me!”


Enabnit, who is thought to be homeless, was also placed under arrest last month for allegedly harassing Trump during a New York event launching her new perfume. Following his violation of the restraining order on Sunday, Enabnit could now be subject to felony criminal contempt charges.

At this time, both Ivanka Trump and her representatives have declined to comment publicly about the Florida incident. Do you think high-profile individuals like Ivanka Trump are more likely to be the victims of stalkers?

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