‘RHOC’ Star Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane Isn’t Wearing His Wedding Ring

Charles SykesBravo

Emily Simpson‘s husband, Shane Simpson, was recently seen without his wedding ring. So, what gives?

During a recent Q&A session with her fans and followers on her Instagram stories, the Real Housewives of Orange County star was joined by Shane — who is also the father of her three children — and was questioned about the whereabouts of his wedding band.

“Where is your wedding ring?” Emily wondered, according to an October 22 report from Bravo TV‘s The Lookbook.

While fans may have assumed that Emily knew where her husband’s wedding band was, she did not, which caused him to laugh. After all, as he explained, he doesn’t even think he owns a wedding ring. Although Emily insists that she did one time buy her husband a band, Shane doesn’t seem to have any memory of any such thing and joked that all she bought for him was a “mood ring.”

In response, Emily said that the ring she bought for her husband was most definitely not a mood ring.

According to The Lookbook, Emily never actually got a ring from her husband when he proposed to her over a decade ago, which was likely why she requested one from him last Christmas.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Emily and Shane also joked about the height difference between them during their Q&A session with her online audience, revealing that Emily is two inches taller than her partner.

Emily and Shane got married in February 2009 and share three kids, including daughter Annabelle, 6, and twin sons Luke and Keller, 4.

While Emily and Shane endured a number of ups and downs in their marriage during the 13th and 14th seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County, she confirmed to People magazine earlier this month that her husband has learned a lot from appearing on the show. As she explained, seeing his behavior spotlighted on the series has actually prompted positive change within Shane.

“When you have the opportunity to watch yourself, sometimes the self-awareness that you get is just an entirely different perspective,” Emily explained. “[Shane] really saw and heard everything everybody was saying and really took it to heart. He watched with the intent from learning from it, and he learned a lot from it.”

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