Bella Thorne Goes Topless Wearing Nothing But Jewelry, Instagram Goes Wild

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Bella Thorne has driven Instagram wild once again. The Midnight Sun actress is known for getting raunchy over on her social media — it’s not been too long since Bella went topless in bed with her girlfriend in an Instagram post that appeared to be announcing a new relationship. The 21-year-old seems to be going steady with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, though, and it looks like his girlfriend has shared some content he might approve of.

Bella’s Instagram photo today was a topless one. The photo showed the star posing inside what looked like an RV — windows below cupboards were covered with net-like curtains, and wood-paneled walls and a fitted couch seemed to show an indoor space that wasn’t taking up too many square feet.

The snap wasn’t meant to focus on the interior, although the low-frills feel did add a certain something. Bella was taking a selfie with a smartphone in hand, posing with no visible clothing as the camera cut her off at the waist. The star’s arms were folded across her chest and protecting her modesty, but fans were still treated to hints of her chest. The actress appeared with chunky silver jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. While Bella will often go makeup-free, today seemed to show the star rocking a full face of warpaint.

Bella looked into her smartphone for her shot and added a somewhat cryptic caption – it even had some fans wondering if she might have split from her beau.

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Done. W. U.

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Instagram is going wild – and not just the odd fan. The actress, singer, and author’s post had racked up over 390,000 likes within two hours, with the same timeframe bringing in over 1,800 comments.

“*breaks the internet*” read a comment racking up over 114 likes in two hours.

“Goddess,” another follower wrote.

“Ohhhh….damn,” was all one user could manage.

“My god perfect,” said one fan, offering Bella the ultimate praise.

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Bella’s topless images haven’t always gone down too well. Earlier this year, the star alleged that a hacker was set to release nude photos of her, although she seemed to beat them to it. Bella self-posted topless images of herself to social media, although these were slammed by Hollywood heavyweight Whoopi Goldberg.

As for social media overall, Bella has spoken out, and she’s used interesting words.

“Instagram is our worst mask of ourselves,” the star said, per Good Morning America.

“I literally refer to Bella Thorne as this persona who’s like this redhead like, ‘Ooh, I’m Bella Thorne, I’m crazy, And ah, I’m a wild child,’ and whatever,” she added.

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