‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Trouble For Hayden & Finn’s Daughter As Jophielle Love Debuts In Role

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The time has finally come on General Hospital for Hayden Barnes to come clean with Dr. Hamilton Finn. She lied to Finn and said she miscarried their child, but now that child is sick and needs his help. GH spoilers tease that this bombshell will finally hit the doctor during Wednesday’s show and viewers are anxious to see Hayden and Finn interact with young actress Jophielle Love, who is playing Violet Finn.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, Hayden was slated to meet up with Finn when she was interrupted with a phone call. She was clearly quite rattled, and the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show reveals that there’s a good reason for her to be feeling upset. Her daughter is sick and Hayden can’t avoid telling Finn about the little girl any longer.

Not only is the little girl sick, but Finn has been beckoned by GH to treat her illness. General Hospital spoilers suggest that just as he’s rushing to check on his new patient, Hayden will intervene and tells him that the child is their daughter.

General Hospital spoilers from the weekly sneak peek gave everybody their first glimpse at Hayden and Finn’s daughter Violet, along with Hayden supposedly spilling the beans. Until the end of Tuesday’s show, it seemed uncertain whether Finn would truly find out the truth, as the show does have a tendency to try to fake out viewers with previews like this.

However, based on how Tuesday’s episode ended, it appears that Finn actually will learn about his daughter Violet during Wednesday’s show. If Finn is being called in to be her doctor, chances are good that she’s quite ill and will need her father’s specialized medical knowledge.

SheKnows Soaps suggests that all of this will have Finn quite confused in the days ahead. Will finding out that he has a daughter with Hayden cause his engagement to Anna to disintegrate? How will he handle Hayden having lied to him for all this time?

By the looks of things, this is one of Jophielle’s first acting gigs. She did audition for Days of Our Lives not long ago, she noted on her Instagram page, and she was on last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the role of Clervie Martin.


Jophielle’s IMDb page notes that she was born in France and she turned 5-years-old last May. Her father, Jade Kindar-Martin, is a high-wire walker and her mother, Karine Mauffrey, is a stunt woman. Jophielle was previously featured in a commercial for Citibank and she has two older brothers who are actors as well.

Based on the initial sneak peek for the Violet character’s debut, some General Hospital fans have already noted that Hayden and Finn’s daughter is older than she should really be. Hayden was pregnant two years ago when she left Port Charles and led Finn to believe she had miscarried. Obviously, Jophielle is older than Violet should be, but rapidly aging young characters is nothing new in the world of soap operas.

Violet’s sudden appearance at GH is going to generate a lot of drama for Hayden, as she hadn’t even told her sister Elizabeth about her daughter. What is wrong with the little girl and what comes next for her? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are wild developments ahead that fans will not want to miss.