October 23, 2019
Kaley Cuoco Walks Animals In White Tank Top: 'Just Another Day At The Farm'

Kaley Cuoco might have glammed up for an event last night, but the Big Bang Theory actress is back to being her usual, fuss-free self. Today, Kaley updated her Instagram account in two different ways -- while permanent posts on the 33-year-old's feed showed her rocking the black dress she wore last night, the star's stories detailed her outfit worn on the day after she graced the red carpet for InStyle.

It's worth remembering that Kaley sometimes takes to her Instagram stories to show a fair amount of skin -- the actress recently showed off her thong on the social media platform.

Today's story from Kaley showed her outdoors, on a gravel path backed by greenery. The star was snapped candidly while walking a number of farm animals, two dogs also trailing behind. Kaley was looking fit, fabulous, and happy in a purple-gray pair of pants, a white tank top offsetting the bottoms. Fans will likely have noticed that the top was taut, and that it appeared to include another layer beneath it. Kaley was also rocking shades, although that seemed to be it in terms of accessories.

Some text appeared in the image.

The words "Aggressively normal" were written in green, followed by some additional captions in white. In large lettering, Kaley expressed that it was "Just another day at the farm." She tagged her own Instagram handle, as well as an animal-centric account that she frequently appears on.

Kaley's fame seemed all set the minute she became a household name on The Big Bang Theory. The show has now ended, although Kaley's career is continuing through her new TV series The Flight Attendant, which she stars in and produces. For most fans, though, the famous blonde will always be the hard-hitting Penny character. Kaley has spoken about the role in the past -- an interview with PopSugar conducted just before the series ended allowed Kaley the opportunity to open up on playing Penny."I just love this character. It's a great example of a character that has grown," she told the media outlet.

"We went from this single, young, bartender waitress to getting married, having a business and a job, and I love that the show didn't go the normal route. Penny didn't want to have kids, and they've kind of taken that and run with it, which I think is really interesting. It's been such an iconic, fun character," the star added.

Meanwhile, fans can stay up-to-date on Kaley's life by following her Instagram account.