Kinsey Wolanski Teases Fans & Tugs At Bikini Bottoms In Vacation Update

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Internet celebrity Kinsey Wolanski has traveled quite a bit of the world in recent months. A quick look at her Instagram page shows that she has visited Spain, Turkey, Africa, and Asia. Her latest update on the platform showed her while she was in Thailand sporting a skimpy bikini.

The post was a video that captured Kinsey stepping out of turquoise waters on the shore somewhere in Thailand, wearing a tiny white bikini that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The top was a classic triangle style that showed plenty of cleavage, and the bottoms were basically a strap of fabric held up by thin strings on her hips. As she stepped closer to the camera, Kinsey pulled the strings on the bottoms up to her waist before looking at the camera. With one hand on her cheek, she struck a pose while flaunting her voluptuous chest, thin waistline, and curvy hips.

Kinsey looked stunning in the video, and her wet, bronze skin glowed against the white fabric of her bikini. With a huge rock formation behind her and clear water around her, the star looked as if she was right in the middle of a tropical paradise.

In the post’s caption, the stunner said that she was missing the time she spent in the area and asked her fans for their favorite vacation destinations. However, it seemed as though many of her followers were slightly distracted by the clip and could only comment on how fabulous she looked.

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Kinsey didn’t say when the video was taken, but it could have been any time in recent weeks, as it doesn’t seem that her bikini body has changed much the clip was taken.

The past summer had seen Kinsey posing in an array of bathing suits, but she has kept rocking them in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr reported earlier in the month, she rocked a tiny blue bikini. That being said, the blond bombshell looks incredible in almost everything she wears. In September, she looked stunning in a red crop top and a pair of Daisy Dukes.

While the beauty likes to showcase her figure on her Instagram account, she also seems to have a great sense of humor, as evidenced by the number of prank videos she has posted on the social media site. These include a classic snake prank that fooled quite a few unsuspecting victims.

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