‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Julian’s Worries Over Ava’s Behavior Escalate

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

Someone is keeping close tabs on Ava Jerome, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation is going to get quite intense. Ava’s brother, Julian Jerome, is already worried about his sister’s wellbeing, but teasers detail that Tuesday’s episode will show his concerns escalating.

During Monday’s episode, Julian forced Ava to get checked out at GH by Lucas after she fainted and gave him a significant scare. Once she went back to her place, she tried to sleep and put a gun under the pillow.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show details that Julian will check in on Ava, and she’ll appear more rattled than ever. She will make a comment that will seemingly be about how she senses that she is always being watched, and she’ll be quite flustered as she talks to her brother about this.

It seems likely that this exchange will leave Julian even more concerned than ever, but not necessarily because he believes that someone is tracking Ava. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will worry that Ava is truly losing it, and her insistence that she’s not crazy probably won’t sway him.

Fans have been speculating about who is keeping an eye on Ava, but General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything solid on this front yet. Many viewers speculate that it might be Nikolas Cassadine spying on Ava, as there has been talk for some time now that perhaps the writers are ready to revive the supposedly dead character.

When will viewers discover the identity of the person watching Ava? Will fans end up feeling disappointed when the person keeping an eye on her is revealed? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps don’t reveal too much on this score, but it looks as if this situation will continue to cause Ava a lot of stress in the days ahead.

During Friday’s episode, something will cause Ava to storm out of somewhere. It may be that she again tries to convince Julian — or someone else — that someone is following her, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll continue to face this on her own for now.

General Hospital spoilers also share that Julian will be surprised by something during next Monday’s show. Granted, that teaser is not necessarily connected to Ava’s mental health crisis. Julian’s involved in the Kim/Franco chaos as well as Brad’s escalating issues regarding “Wiley,” so there’s no telling who will be throwing a shocker at him next.

While it’s not yet known who is watching Ava, it seems clear — based on fan reactions — that it’ll probably lead to a major disappointment if it’s not Nikolas. Additional General Hospital spoilers should provide more clues soon. With the November sweeps period right around the corner, viewers are bracing themselves for something juicy in the days to come.