Marie Osmond Reveals Sexual Abuse She Suffered As A Child Made Her Think She Was Gay

The legendary singer's candid reveal occurred during the latest episode of 'The Talk.'

Marie Osmond attends the 2019 Hollywood Beauty Awards at Avalon Hollywood on February 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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The legendary singer's candid reveal occurred during the latest episode of 'The Talk.'

Marie Osmond made a shocking admission on the most recent episode of the CBS series The Talk, where she admitted that the sexual abuse she suffered as a child made her think she was gay. She revealed to her co-stars Eve, Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sharon Osbourne that she questioned her sexuality after the abuse occurred.

“When I was eight or nine, I actually thought I was gay, and the reason is because I had been sexually abused to the point that men, they made me sick, and I didn’t trust them, I didn’t like them,” she said.

She continued the table discussion, talking about the men in her family.

“Why did God give me all these great brothers and why did He give me this amazing father? And truly, they changed my opinion of men.”

The topic came up as the women discussed an Instagram Live post by singer Miley Cyrus where she spoke about her relationship with singer Cody Simpson, and relayed to users of the social media network that she thought she had to be gay “because I thought all guys were evil, but it’s not true.”

Cyrus experienced a backlash against her comments by supporters of the LGBTQ community who blasted her statements.

The 60-year-old entertainer’s surprising admission was reported by Radar Online. She also revealed that she suffered from what she called “body issues” and wondered why she was looking at women, deducing that she must be gay.

This is not the first time Marie has addressed her experience of abuse. In her book, Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression, Marie revealed that she kept the secret for many years. It was only when she was older and had her own family that she told her loved ones what had happened to her. She has never publicly named her alleged abuser.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Marie was honored by her brothers with one final song before they officially retired from performing after over 60 years in the entertainment business. She explained to her co-hosts that she owed her career to the four original Osmond brothers and could not think of a better or more fitting way for them to end their performing career than as her guests on The Talk.


In a story published by Closer Weekly, Marie — who is a mother to eight children — supported her daughter Jessica when she wed her longtime girlfriend Sara earlier this year.

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Marie welcomed her first child, son Stephen, with husband Steve Craig in 1983. She and Steve would later divorce and Marie would then marry Brian Blosil. The couple would have two children together, Rachel and Matthew, and go on to adopt Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. Brian and Marie divorced, and Marie and Steve later remarried in 2011.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.