Chrissy Teigen Blasts Rumors That She & John Legend Are In Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Pedophile Ring

Model, television star, and popular Twitter personality Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on Tuesday to air her frustration over conspiracy theories that pertained to her, her husband, singer John Legend, and late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

"u[sic] know what is not great?," Teigen tweeted Tuesday just after 11:30 a.m. "I still have to read on social media many times a day that John and I are pedophiles and look at photoshopped/miscaptioned photos of us on 'Epstein Island' and I just have to deal with it because 'people are crazy these days.'"

In a series of seven tweets, Teigen continued to blast the theories and those who spread them. Teigen added that she has resisted the urge to take legal action against individuals who spread the rumors because she fears that doing so would only further embolden those who make the claims, as it might appear she had something to hide.

Teigen, who married John Legend in 2013 and has two children, also said that she had what she described as a "real life" prior to the rumors, which involved trips to the grocery store and taking her kids -- daughter Luna and son Miles -- to parks. Now, since the rumors began, Teigen said there are people in her area who believe theories that Epstein's alleged ring that supposedly involves herself and her husband could be exposed at any minute.

"It's not just weirdos in random towns," Teigen added. "These people are all over. I hate what some people have become and what social has done for this kind of reach. it sucks. and now they'll post this too, and it'll get even worse. I'm just so f*cking tired."

The Lip Sync Battle host added that she was a fan of justice, and felt surprised by the fact that individuals could get away with spreading baseless claims against her and her family.

As The Cut reported in August, what has been labeled "pedophile island" is actually Little St. James Island, located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island was purchased by Epstein -- who committed suicide in his jail cell in New York in August -- for nearly $8 million in 1998. Although not much is known about the private island, Epstein is reported to have operated a pedophile ring from the location, with help from a dedicated team of employees that allegedly trafficked girls as young as 12.

Some have claimed that once girls were brought to the island, they were coerced to perform sexual acts, and in some cases even forced to stay there against their will. An accuser said she attempted to swim away from the island and had had her passport confiscated by alleged Epstein conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is reportedly missing amid the allegations against her.

Teigen received support on social media following what she described as her "morning rant." One user called her "honest" and "brave" for sharing her feelings on the subject. Others added that they were "so sorry" that this was happening to her.