Former President Jimmy Carter Gets Outpouring Of Love And Support On Social Media After New Injury

Drew AngererGetty Images

Former United States President Jimmy Carter was hospitalized Monday night after a fall in his home that resulted in a broken pelvis. In light of this news, people of all political persuasions are sending their love and support to the beloved former president via Twitter on Tuesday.

According to NPR, Jimmy Carter was taken to the Phoebe Sumter Medical Center after he fell in his Plains, Georgia home. The Carter Center says that the 95-year-old former president was receiving treatment for a minor pelvic fracture, and it sounds as if he is not expected to remain in the hospital for long.

“He is in good spirits and is looking forward to recovering at home,” the Carter Center shared in an announcement.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took to Twitter after hearing the news to share his support.

“2 wks ago he was working in Nashville building houses for Habitat despite a fall needing 14 stitches. He deserves our prayers.”

As Huckabee noted, this is the second fall resulting in an injury for Carter this month. On October 1, the former president needed stitches above his eye. However, he was out doing work for Habitat for Humanity shortly after that, despite still having bruising and a bandage over his eye.

Actress and activist Mia Farrow tweeted that her thoughts were with Carter and that she was hoping for a “swift and complete recovery.”

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham tweeted out his prayers for Carter, and there was no shortage of everyday folks sending the former president their love.

“I’m not religious… but whatever your belief/creed/faith/denomination, surely today you can afford to send a few good thoughts the way of #JimmyCarter, the last wholly decent human being the USA has had as President,” tweeted one supporter.

“Good wishes for a speedy recovery to President Carter @CarterLibrary such a good, kind man. I would say take it easy but I know that’s not your way,” noted another Carter supporter.

Former President Carter recently turned 95, making him the oldest living president in United States history. Despite his age, he remains quite active and is deeply passionate about volunteering, like the work he regularly does for Habitat for Humanity.

In addition to this new injury of a broken pelvis and his recent fall requiring stitches over his eye, Carter broke his hip this past May. That came as a result of a fall as well, and the former president needed hip replacement surgery afterwards. Carter was also diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015, but he has seemingly successfully won that battle.

While the news of President Jimmy Carter’s broken pelvis and hospitalization has worried many of his dedicated fans, it sounds as if he is determined to come back from this latest injury. People will be anxious to get updates and see him out-and-about again as soon as he is able.