Aubrey O'Day Exposes Chest In Glitter Bra, Confirms: 'Looking Like A Snack'

Aubrey O'Day has put her curves on display. The Danity Kane member posted a string of Instagram stories overnight showcasing herself getting all dolled up, although there was no denying that the 35-year-old's ample assets were taking center stage. Aubrey's stories were selfies documenting a look that indicated the star was ready to paint the town red. In addition, Aubrey's words showcased the ultimate confidence when she let her fans know that she thought she looked great.

The selfie showed Aubrey in a makeshift glam room. The blonde had snapped herself in front of a mirror with a crowd of friends – while one man near the singer-songwriter was shirtless, Aubrey wasn't far behind in the skin-flashing department. The star was rocking a bra-like top that exposed a hefty amount of cleavage, with the star's modesty just about protected – any lower, though, and Aubrey would have found herself in trouble.

The glittery top was paired with a feathery and cut-out black skirt that was perfect for flashing Aubrey's toned legs. Aubrey was also harnessing something of a bombshell finish with her wavy and long blond hairstyle, along with a full face of makeup. Aubrey was heard speaking.

"Looking like a snack," she said.

"A whole damn meal," she added.

Aubrey has been making headlines for responding to allegations that she's undergone cosmetic surgery. The star's social media followers have been asking her about going under the knife, and Aubrey has admitted to having some work done, although not the type of surgery people are asking about. A recent interview with Us Weekly saw the star admit to having had Botox and "fillers."

"I know all the tricks and I use them," the star told the magazine.

"I look in the mirror. I know what I look like. I love me! I'm the happiest I've ever been," she added.

The star also revealed that comments left to her social media posts can be pretty hurtful, although she took a humorous approach as she revealed one of the more upsetting ones.

"I think the worst comment I ever read — and then I didn't read any more — was 'She looks like an old leather handbag that's been put in the dryer 15 times.' That was one of my faves," Aubrey said of the remark.

Meanwhile, fans can stay updated on Aubrey and her sexy looks by following her social media accounts. Aubrey has 962,000 Instagram followers. The star recently made The Inquisitr's headlines for showcasing a Halloween costume.