‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Kevin Meets Cassidy’s Husband And It Does Not Go Well

Ron BatzdorffNBC

This Is Us will give viewers another awkward encounter. In the upcoming episode of the NBC drama, Kevin (Justin Hartley) will come face to face with unlikely new AA buddy Cassidy’s (Jennifer Morrison) soon-to-be ex-husband. But the two men will be far from fast friends.

A sneak peek at the scene from the episode, titled “Storybook Love,” was posted by TV Line. In the short clip, Kevin, Cassidy, and Nicky (Griffin Dunne) meet up with Cassidy’s angry ex, Ryan (Nick Wechsler), for a veteran’s night at her son Matty’s ice hockey game.

While Cassidy notes that Ryan is there because he’s a good dad, the trio finds out right away that he isn’t good with Kevin.

After he is introduced to Kevin, a sarcastic Ryan says, “Glad to meet the adult man my 9-year-old son keeps saying is one of his best friends.”

He then escorts his son away from the group.

This Is Us fans know that Kevin and little Matty bonded while playing Super Mario Kart in the waiting room of a Pennsylvania veterans’ center. Cassidy immediately called Kevin “creepy” for hanging out with a 9-year-old — and that appeared to be the end of the unlikely friendship between the grade-schooler and the nearly 40-year-old man.

But then Kevin and Cassidy landed at the same AA meeting. Now, they’ve turned into the Three Musketeers alongside Uncle Nicky.

Many This Is Us fans assume that the new Cassidy character will become a love interest for Kevin. But the introduction of the war veteran and her initial frosty relationship with the former Manny star almost seems too obvious on a show known for its twist and turns.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Morrison even addressed speculation that her character is the mother of Kevin’s son, who was seen briefly on the This Is Us Season 3 finale in a surprising flash-forward scene.

“They’re speculating about any woman who could possibly have logistically had his child. So I feel like I’m in good company with all the people being speculated about,” the This Is Us newcomer said. “They can speculate. There’s nothing more I can say.”

While his future is still in question, Kevin’s former love life will be addressed in the new This Is Us episode. In a 1990s flashback scene, teen Kevin (Logan Shroyer) reveals he married his high school girlfriend Sophie (Amanda Leighton).

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.