Gwen Stefani Compares Relationship With Blake Shelton To Duo She Describes As ‘Dirty, Nasty’ And ‘Clean’

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Gwen Stefani just can’t seem to stop talking about how different she and her boyfriend are. During the most recent episode of The Voice, she explained why a singing duo reminded her of her relationship with Blake Shelton. As reported by TODAY, it was a twosome with contrasting musical styles that made her think of her unlikely romance.

On Tuesday night, it was time for another intense round of battles on The Voice. However, while the coaches’ team members had their game faces on and weren’t pulling any punches, there were a few moments where the coaches displayed their camaraderie and affection for one another. Unsurprisingly, on one of these occasions, it was Gwen who took a break from being competitive to talk about love. However, Blake Shelton wasn’t around when Gwen Stefani brought up their relationship. During a pre-competition practice session, she praised Kiara Brown for being “super-straight, clean, and polite.” The talented songstress was about to face off against Royce Lovett, who Gwen described as “dirty, nasty.”

However, sometimes opposites don’t just attract — they also make sweet music together. Gwen explained why she thought Kiara and Royce made the perfect musical match by referencing her relationship with Blake.

“There’s a chemistry. It’s like me and Blake. We do not seem like we would be together, but yet we go together perfectly,” Stefani said. “It’s like this weird contrast.”

Blake Shelton kept the love flowing by praising Kiara and Royce’s performance of “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” saying that he enjoyed it so much that he wanted their version of the song for his and Gwen’s playlist. This prompted John Legend to make a comment about the type of occasion where Gwen and Blake would listen to the song.

“You’re talking about love,” Blake said, completing John’s unfinished remark.

Gwen has said that she’s been taking advantage of Blake’s affection for her as they compete against each other on The Voice. This wasn’t a tactic that she could pass on to Kiara and Royce since they are not a couple, but she did give them some good advice ahead of their battle. She encouraged Kiara to show “all the dynamics” in her voice so that Royce wouldn’t overpower her, and she told Royce to let his personality shine through during their performance.

Gwen ultimately chose to keep Royce on her team, but things took a dramatic turn when both she and Kelly Clarkson hit their red buttons for Kiara. Kiara decided to give Kelly a chance, so Gwen got to keep her save for later.

While Gwen clearly had Blake on her mind when they were spending time apart during practice, she had her boyfriend a bit worried during the battles. Blake didn’t seem too excited about his girlfriend’s reaction to Will Breman’s performance.

“Will, I cannot keep my eyes off of you,” she told him.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!” Blake said as he turned to look at his girlfriend.

John also responded to Gwen’s enthusiastic reaction by reminding her that her boyfriend was sitting one chair over.

“He’s right here!” he said.

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