Gregory Graf: Father From Hell Kills Stepdaughter, Films Himself Having Sex With Her Corpse!

Gregory Graf, a 53-year-old man from Allen Township, Pennsylvania has been accused of necrophilia. According to the police, Gregory killed his 33-year-old step daughter, Jessica Padgett, on November 21 with the intention of videotaping himself sexually abusing her body. According to NY Daily News, police officials investigating the gruesome murder have recovered video footage of Gregory having sex with Jessica's corpse. Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli on Friday confirmed that the video was discovered on Graf's computer on Thursday.

Jessica was a recently married mother of three, and was last seen alive on November 21 by her co-workers at the Duck Duck Goose Child Care daycare center where she works. After she was reported missing, police officials began investigations. On November 26, five days after Jessica's disappearance, her body was found buried behind a shed in a property where Gregory Graf lives with Jessica's mother.

Before the recovery of the video, Gregory was charged with a "sexual assault motive." It said that the motive could have been realized "prior, during or after" the victim was slain. Upon examination of the video recovered from Graf's computer, it is now "almost clear" that the victim was dead at the time she was sexually assaulted.

John Morganelli adds:

"I said from the beginning this was before, during, or after. I've now concluded this was after."
According to the police, Graf shot Jessica in the back of her head on November 21. After ensuring she was dead, he videotaped his gruesome act and later buried Jessica's body in his seven acre property. It is estimated that the victim was shot just ten minutes after she was last seen alive leaving her daycare center work premises. Meanwhile, Morganelli has said that officials are trying to find the location in the house where Graf had recorded the video. Gregory Graf is being currently held without bail on a homicide charge. He has also confessed to killing Padgett.

In a statement issued by the family members of the victim, Jessica was described as "a beautiful, vibrant young woman who was beloved by her family and friends."

"The world shines less bright today," the statement added.

Meanwhile, reports that Gregory asked for a tax payer funded lawyer for his defense. He claimed that he did not wish to financially strain his family members for fighting his case. "Like I said, I just don't want to take away the funds from the family," Graf told Judge Stephen Baratta. His demand was however rejected after the court said that the owner of the fencing company has enough money to pay for his own attorney.

The news of Gregory Graf killing his own stepdaughter comes days after the Inquisitr had reported about the case of a family that lived with a corpse for over six months. They were waiting for Jesus to raise the man from the dead.

[Image Via NY Daily News]