‘Moonshiners’ Star Charged With Public Intoxication

Moonshiners Star Charged

Danville, VA – Moonshiners star Tickle has been charged with public intoxication.

Authorities said they found the Discovery Channel star drinking alcohol in a convenience store parking lot. Tickle was reportedly so intoxicated that arresting officers were forced to carry the man to their car.

Police were made aware of the situation after someone spotted Tickle having a drink in the Charley’s Stop and Shop parking lot. Once officers determined that he was extremely drunk, the Moonshiners star was charged with public intoxication.

“He was also drinking from an open container. The officer approached him and detected a strong odor of alcohol as well as normal indications of being intoxicated,” the police report explained.

Authorities said officers could smell alcohol on the 35-year-old reality TV show star. Officers also stated that he gave other “indications of being intoxicated” during their exchange. Since Steven Ray Tickle couldn’t find someone to give him a ride home, police decided to bring him in. He was released later that day.

Although the Discover Channel has been contacted by several news outlets for comment, the network has yet to respond. Tickle has also refrained from speaking publicly about the incident.

When the Moonshiners star isn’t getting charged with public intoxication, the Pittsylvania County, Virginia resident can be found brewing illegal whiskey and avoiding authorities. The Discovery Channel program follows several individuals as they make and sell moonshine in Appalachia.


The network describes the show as follows:

“‘Moonshiners’ tells the story of those who brew their shine — often in the woods near their homes using camouflaged equipment — and the local authorities who try to keep them honest. Viewers will witness practices rarely, if ever, seen on television including the sacred rite of passage for a moonshiner — firing up the still for the first time. They will also meet legends, including notorious moonshiner Marvin ‘Popcorn’ Sutton.”

It’s currently unclear if the Moonshiners star will face any consequences after being charged with public intoxication.