Donald Trump Retweeted A Tweet From A Parody Account That Claims To Belong To His Butt

Tom PenningtonGetty Images

Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from @DJTrumpsButt, a parody Twitter account that purports to be from his posterior, HuffPost reports.

The parody account, which as of this writing has 594 followers (at the time Trump retweeted it, it had 318), has an unflattering picture of Trump, as well as an unflattering description.

“I am @realDonaldTrump’s butt. Whatever he says, it’s really me that’s saying it. Follow me, or I will nuke you! #PutinPower #MAGA,” the bio reads.

But other than that, the account’s tweets are actually rather vanilla, consisting almost entirely of word-for-word retweets of things the actual Donald Trump tweeted, copied and pasted but with the letters “RT” (for “Retweet”) in front of them.

On Monday morning, FOX News’ “America’s Newsroom,” through its Twitter account, tweeted a clip of Ohio Representative Jim Jordan appearing on the show, discussing an effort in the House to censure Adam Schiff for his activities during the impeachment inquiry. On Monday night, the parody account posted that video, painting it as a retweet from the actual Donald Trump. Whether or not Trump ever tweeted or retweeted the actual “America’s Newsroom” clip from his own account is unclear; if he did, then he deleted it, as it does not appear on his Twitter account.

Later Monday, the actual Trump retweeted the parody tweet. It is still there, on his Twitter account, as of this writing.

The comments in the Twitter thread seem to run the gamut. Some users, for example, are taking glee in the fact that Donald Trump apparently failed to realize he was being bamboozled by a jape.

“My day is complete, this RT is a perfect end to the day,” wrote one user.

Another user also seemingly failed to realize they’d fallen for a hoax.

“We need to get SCHIFF UNDER OATH and ask him about his communications with The Whistleblower!” they wrote.

Multiple other users congratulated the owner of the parody account for getting noticed by the POTUS. Others suggested that Trump needs to take a closer look at the source of his tweets. Others responded with political cartoons, memes, and more of that sort of thing.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has retweeted from a parody Twitter account. For example, as reported at the time by USA Today, back in 2016 Trump retweeted a tweet from a parody account, @ilduce2016, purportedly belonging to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini died in 1945, 71 years before Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from a parody account bearing his name.