Cosplayer Erica Fett Flaunts Massive Cleavage In Sexy Freddy Krueger Costume

Erica FettInstagram

It won’t be Halloween for another nine days, but it looks like cosplay model Erica Fett is feeling the holiday vibes well in advance. Less than one week after taking to Instagram and sharing a photo where she lifted up her sweater and flashed some underboob in her NSFW take on Velma Dinkley from the Scooby-Doo franchise, Erica returned to the social media platform on Monday, this time honoring one of the most iconic horror villains of all time.

In her latest Instagram post, Erica was decked out in full Freddy Krueger garb, which included the Nightmare on Elm Street antagonist’s trademark fedora, clawed glove, and striped sweater, as well as a blond wig underneath her hat. However, this wasn’t your ordinary Freddy costume, as the model’s top revealed a copious amount of cleavage with its off-the-shoulder design.

Seconds into the video, Erica turned things up several notches by using the claws on her right hand to pull her sweater down a little lower, the camera zooming in to provide an even closer view of her bare decolletage and the lacy black bra she wore to protect her modesty.

As the video mostly showed the upper half of Erica’s body, it wasn’t obvious that she completed her outfit with a pair of Daisy Dukes and fishnet stockings, as seen in this earlier Instagram video where she rocks the same costume. However, the newer clip more than showed off the model’s multiple tattoos, with the ones on her left arm and shoulder particularly visible as she flashed a quick, fetching look at the camera.

In the caption, Erica asked her 2.3 million-strong fanbase to comment with their favorite horror movie — that is, aside from A Nightmare on Elm Street or any of its sequels. She also promoted her 2020 calendar and additional photo sets, advising her followers to visit her website to purchase the items.

In the nine hours since Erica shared her latest sexy Freddy Krueger cosplay to Instagram, the new video has gotten over 78,000 views, as well over 400 people headed to the comments section. Many of these followers did as the model said and shared their favorite horror movie, while others were content to simply praise her for her beauty and drop some Nightmare on Elm Street references while at it.

“Wow if this awaits me in my dreams then put me to sleep,” gushed one follower.

“Hahah can this be my nightmare lol,” quipped another admirer, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

Although Erica frequently shares photos of her latest cosplays with her Instagram followers, there are times where her uploads don’t pay tribute to any specific movie, TV, or video game character. That was the case on Friday, as the model shared a photo of herself in a sexy lingerie set, asking her fans if they’d want to join her and “snuggle” by the fireplace. As she noted in the caption of the image — which has since gotten close to 59,000 likes — the snap was part of a photoshoot for Elite Online magazine.