Cosplay Model Liz Katz Shakes Booty, Showcases Flat Abs In Sexy New Instagram Video

Liz KatzInstagram

Liz Katz is well-known for turning on the heat on Instagram with her scantily-clad takes on different video game and cartoon characters. However, the cosplay model tends to mix things up with updates that don’t necessarily have her dressing up as anyone in particular. These posts, as is often the case, allow her to combine her undeniable sex appeal with her quirky sense of humor.

On Monday night, it appeared that Liz was focusing on the latter type of Instagram update, as she posted a video of herself while wearing a pair of glasses, a tiny white tank top and a yellow-orange pair of pants with what looks like a Batman logo. The short clip, which appeared to be shot in the model’s bathroom, showed her busting out some dance moves, initially giving viewers a good look at her flat midsection and a brief tease of her impressive cleavage. Near the end of the dance video, Liz drew attention toward her curvaceous booty, turning her back to the camera and shaking her rear-end repeatedly.

While some parts of the video seemed seductive, much of it seemed deliberately awkward and self-aware, as Liz hinted in the caption. In here, she suggested that her dance was an example of what happens when that “weird” girl in many a classroom is all grown up but still acts the same in adulthood.

So far, the new clip has turned out to be another immediate hit, as it got more than 47,000 views in just two hours from the time of posting. Over 250 fans also took to the comments section to gush over the video and show their love for Liz’s dance moves, her beauty, and/or her outfit.

“Yeah, but the weird girls from my school dont look this hot!” quipped one Instagram user, directly referencing Liz’s caption and adding four ROFL emoji to their post.

“Oh my god I don’t know why but I love those shoulder moves,” said a second admirer.

“If I saw anyone moving like that I’d want to be their friend immediately”

“A freak is a freak weird or otherwise. Move n groove and shake THAT THANG BABYGIRL!” a third follower remarked, trailing their comment with a plethora of emoji.

Given how Liz’s latest update seemed to exude some weird and sexy vibes, it’s not too surprising that one of her Instagram posts from last week saw her rocking another tiny white tank top while asking her 914,000-plus followers where they think she lands on the “crazy/hot scale.” As of this writing, that photo has gotten close to 52,000 likes in three days, with over 900 fans offering their honest opinions on the matter in the comments section.