Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Flaunts Insanely Toned Abs And Booty In Tiny Bikini On Instagram

Patricia Grannum

Fitness model Michelle Lewin turned up the heat on her Instagram page on Monday when she uploaded a video of herself rocking a tiny black bikini that showed off every inch of her muscular body.

In the selfie video, Michelle is standing in front of a mirror and appears to be admiring the results of her hard work in the gym. She spends some time giving her fans a great view of her abs and legs before turning to showcase her pert posterior. She zooms in on her derriere, but she isn't just showing off her muscle tone at this point. As her caption notes, she was directing the viewer's attention to a scar she got when a pig bit her during a trip to the Bahamas earlier this year.

She uploaded the moment to Instagram and it proved to be quite the hit.

"Still scarred," she wrote in the caption. "Went overnight from 'That fitness girl on Instagram' to 'That girl on Instagram that got bit in the butt by a pig.' I guess I can live with that."

In the comments, some of her fans made quips about the pig incident.

"Can't say that pig didn't have the right idea," one person wrote.

"The hottest pig butt on the web!" another admirer gushed.

Another seemed like they found it difficult to believe that she's still scarred from the bite.

"Wow, still bruised! Looking good though!" they wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the clip of the pig biting her butt is still on Michelle's Instagram page. As of writing, it has garnered close to 8 million views, over 750,000 likes and more than 75,000 comments.

The article noted that in her Instagram stories she, shared videos of herself swimming with the pigs and petting them. Maybe that's why she felt comfortable turning her back towards them which before the biting incident.

"No animal encountered on the tour is trained, caged or domesticated in any way," warns an advisory from a local tour guide company Exuma Escapes about swimming with the pigs. "Following guide instructions and using caution and care when interacting with the animals is very important."

But based on her recent post, it looks like Michelle Lewin is not the worse for wear after her unfortunate encounter with Exuma's feral pigs. She may still have a scar on her butt, but at least she got lots of viral attention because of it.