October 21, 2019
Kaley Cuoco Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Total Slob Mode In Mini Sweatpants With Zero Makeup On Her Couch

Kaley Cuoco might have been hired to play Penny on The Big Bang Theory on account of her talent, but the 33-year-old likely landed the gig for also having good looks. While Penny was renowned for embracing her inner slob as she worked her way through countless take-out dishes on the popular sitcom, the girl behind the character has been proving that the couch situation doesn't just apply on-set.

Kaley took to her Instagram stories earlier today with video footage that showed her in slob mode. It's a bit of a change from the racier content that's been shared of late as was seen from Kaley recently when she showed Instagram her thong from her bathroom while prepping for an event.

Today seemed to show Kaley going absolutely nowhere. The star shared a video of herself completely relaxed on the couch, although Kaley was looking absolutely gorgeous with what appeared to be no effort at all. The video appeared to show Kaley in selfie mode, with her initially seen from the neck up under a cozy blanket. Kaley was fully makeup-free, with her long blond hair tied up into a scruffy bun. The camera then moved away from Kaley's face to reveal a mini pair of sweatpants in red, with the footage eventually showing husband Karl Cook looking equally casual as he lay in the most relaxed way ever at the other end of the couch.

The Big Bang Theory may have come to an end, but Kaley's career hasn't. The star is a producer in The Flight Attendant, a TV series that she'll be starring in, with Kaley also having her own production house. The actress opened up about the famous sitcom that made her a household name. Earlier this year, EW got the cast together for some talk about the show.

Kaley was asked about her first impressions of the other cast members, with Kaley mentioning Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper.

"At the audition I saw Jim sitting there by himself, and we were the only two there. He was very quiet and had a BlackBerry in his hand, playing with it. He looks at me and said, "You don't know how to work this thing, do you? I just got it." He was very cute how he said it. I thought he could totally play Sheldon. Charming and innocent," Kaley said of her co-star.

It looks like Kaley can pull off glam and natural beauty. Fans wishing to see more of Kaley should follow her Instagram.