October 21, 2019
Carrie Underwood Flaunts Killer Legs In Mini Dress Backstage, But The Camera Catches Her Crying

Carrie Underwood's killer legs are now as much of a talking point as her powerful voice. The country singer has risen fast since auditioning in front of Simon Cowell all those years ago, and she is now traversing the U.S. on her "Cry Pretty 360" tour. The famous blonde has appeared in a new mash-up video thanking her fans – but the footage included something unusual.

Carrie's stage appearances seem nothing short of perfect. The vocals are on-point, as is everything else. What's less seen is how Carrie feels backstage, although there have been behind-the-scenes moments that have melted hearts, such as the singer's backstage kiss, which seemed to change everything for her fans.

Carrie's video today showed her both on the stage and off it. The star rocked an array of dresses and shorts that form part of her tour wardrobe, allowing fans to clearly see those rock-hard pins. Carrie flaunted her famous legs in a backstage moment that saw her solo, though the camera switched to show the singer gushing about her entire tour experience – here, it was obvious that she couldn't hold back the tears. The star was seen fighting them away, but she had broken down a little. The tour seems to have been a very emotional one overall for Carrie, although fans would likely agree that the emotional moments have been for the best possible reasons.

Carrie has been opening up about the tour. Just this month, the star spoke to Pollstar, revealing that she actually endures body spasms. The outlet also asked Carrie about exclusively performing on tour with female singers, as she also discussed the overall fan reaction to her appearances."People have really reacted to this tour, which is a nice surprise and a breath of fresh air. We didn't know, but it felt like something I should do as a woman who could sell the tickets. Maddie & Tae and Runaway June are different enough, so there's this sense of discovery," Carrie said.

"People are coming early to see them, see these ladies who're holding their own. We have a lot of Mommy/daughters, a lot of girls' night out groups, but there are a lot of men bringing their girls. We're doing it in a fun way! And it's a family show," the star added.

Carrie appears on her own Instagram and the account run by her Calia by Carrie athleisurewear brand. Fans wishing to see more of Carrie should follow one – or both – accounts.