October 21, 2019
Ashanti Blows Out Cake Candles In Bikini & Cowboy Hat: 'Yup, It's My Birthday Month'

Ashanti has been celebrating turning 39 – and she's still at it. The singer turned 39 back on October 13, but this celebrity isn't one to do things by half – Ashanti has even updated her account in a bikini on an ocean swing.

Ashanti appears to have been partying hard ever since her birthday, with today appearing to showcase a new set of images from the star's birthday celebrations. Ashanti has already appeared in the glittery and jewel bikini seen in today's Instagram update, as The Inquisitr previously reported, although the star's multiple posts today saw her in a setting more specific to the birthday.

Yes, Ashanti was in front of a cake with candles.

Ashanti's photo showed her amid a crowd. The vibe was definitely festive, with those around Ashanti looking happy and appearing to cheer her on. The star was seen leaning over her pink and frosted birthday cake, appearing to have blown out the candles on it. Ashanti was rocking her pink cowboy hat and using both hands to keep it on her head – a wise move, given that the hat had the potential to land right on the cake.

A caption from the star seemed to be flying the flag for the celebrity-adored trend of extending birthday celebrations over more than one day: this has been seen this year from the likes of Kylie Jenner, with the makeup mogul celebrating her 22nd birthday over a lengthy period with a megayacht trip around the Mediterranean.

Ashanti followed up her photo with one of herself posing with a friend appearing to feed her cake, with a more candid moment also seeing the star having cake thrown at her.

Ashanti has been releasing new music, although she remains best-known for hits such as "Foolish." A mega interview with the star recently saw her reflect on her hits, with Ashanti seeming to struggle with the concept of fame back in the day.

"The initial success of 'Foolish,' 'Always On Time' and 'What's Love?' was just really weird for me because I didn't know. I would always ask like, 'Is this good, guys? Are we doing good?' I really didn't understand it," she told Grammy.com.

"And it's weird because I'm a humble person, and even back then I was a little naive, you know. We were making history and we were on the top of the charts and everyone around me, all the guys are like, 'Yeah!" and I'm like, "Oh, so this is a good thing,'" the star added.

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