October 21, 2019
Swedish Smokeshow Anna Nystrom Flaunts Incredible Curves In Impossibly Short Daisy Dukes

Anna Nystrom is showing off her love for travel in her latest Instagram snap, which puts her hourglass curves on full display as she rocks a pair of incredibly short Daisy Dukes.

In the sexy snapshot, Anna was seen exploring a beach with rocks everywhere as she walked towards the ocean. The blond bombshell had her long hair pulled away from her face and braided back as the strands hung past her waist.

Anna had her back facing the camera for the photo as she wore a form-fitting white shirt with sheer sleeves. The top showcased the model's toned arms and tiny waist while the tiny pair of denim shorts flaunted her curvy booty and long, lean legs.

Anna's face couldn't be seen in the snap, but she did pose with her hand behind her head and her fingers in her hair.

In the background of the picture, a gorgeous body of water and a pale blue sky could be seen, while Anna revealed she was exploring nature on the island of Kefalonia in Greece.

Of course, Anna's 8.3 million Instagram followers couldn't get enough of the photo. They clicked the like button over 19,000 times and left nearly 200 comments in the first 30 minutes after the photo was posted to social media.

However, while Anna's photos are seen by millions of people on a daily basis, the model still claims that she has a shy nature to her personality.

"I am very shy. I do not think people get that impression of my Instagram profile, but as soon as I stand in front of a camera to take something in, I get very shy. Being in the limelight is not exactly my thing," Anna has previously revealed to fans via her YouTube channel, per News Beezer.

The outlet also reports that Anna has suffered from some serious health issues in the past that have left her in tremendous pain. However, her fans were one thing that have helped her through it all.

"I had days when I was in so much pain that I struggled to get out of bed. I've always loved taking pictures, painting and anything that means creative. Therefore, it was natural for me to share this on Instagram," the model previously revealed of herself.

Fans can see more of Anna Nystrom and her daily life by following the Swedish model on her Instagram account, where she's very active.