Salma Hayek Pulls Down Pants With No Visible Underwear: 'Good Genes Or Good Jeans?'

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Salma Hayek is back on Instagram. The Mexican actress has been making headlines for delivering racy content, and Salma going bare-bootied not so long ago definitely ticked boxes in that department. Salma may be 53-years-old, but her appeal hasn't gone anywhere, with today seeing the star deliver a photo-heavy update that seemed to showcase a time frame. Salma's images were throwbacks from various times in her life, with one being as recent as last year.

Reaching the racier content of Salma's post today did require some swiping, although it looks like the actress's fans have done just that.

The opening image showed Salma back in the '90s. The star was seen walking down a street and looking sensational in a pair of blue jeans paired with a red crop top — heels and a handbag matched the top. A swipe to the right then showed Hayek back in 2015, with the actress once again clad in denim. In fact, all the photos showed jeans, with the post itself seeing Salma play on the spelling of the word to refer to genetics.

The third photo did see Salma in a racier way. Here, the star was seen in an acid-wash pair of jeans that were being pulled down, with no underwear visible. This image was a fairly recent one, dating back to 2018.

"I'm just so in love," one user wrote.

"Your genes make the genes," another fan said.

"Amazing genes" saw one fan throw the star a giant compliment.

Countless other positive comments came in, with fans appearing to think that Hayek does, indeed, have a great set of genes.

"It's my natural color, and it's my natural white hairs. One of the reasons I don't dye my hair is because I don't have the patience to sit through it. I don't want to spend what's left of my youth pretending I'm younger and then not enjoying life," the star said about her locks.

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