Eric Trump Says It's 'Sickening' How 'Every Family In Politics Enriches Themselves'

Eric Trump, the second son of President Donald Trump, made an appearance on Fox News last week to criticize families who go into politics in order to profit from public office. Eric was criticizing Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, when he made a comment that many are taking to be hypocritical, given the charges of the Trump family using the office of the president to advance their name and line their bank accounts.

According to The Hill, Eric was speaking with Fox News's Jeanine Pirro late Saturday as he criticized members of the Democratic candidate field for the upcoming 2020 election.

He opened his comments by saying that the Democrats running for election were "fighting" a president who had brought about a strong economy and a strong military. He added that they were fighting a resurgence of "patriotism" in the country.

"They're fighting a patriotism that exists in this country that hasn't existed in a very, very long time," he said.

He went on, attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren for her claim of having Native American ancestry. Finally, he turned his sights on the Bidens.

"You have a guy whose son is embezzling money from everybody and enriching himself off of, you know his father's position under –" he said, before Pirro cut him off.

The host jumped in, asking how Biden could be so "pompous" and Eric Trump agreed, saying that he was sure the public would recognize how the former vice president and his son acting like they were "above it all."

"And if I was doing the same thing that that family was doing, I'd be in jail," he added.

"Why is it that every family goes into politics and enriches themselves?" Eric Trump asked.

Eric went on to say that he and his family had stopped doing any personal business when their father became president, but that other children of politicians start getting into business when their parents get elected.

"We stopped doing deals when he went into politics. Guess what, all these kids, they started doing deals when their families went into politics, and it's sickening," he added.

However, according to a recent profile from GQ, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., have all used their position to benefit their business dealings. This includes real estate deals, golf course deals, being in a position to negotiate with leaders who can beneficially influence their brands and cashing in on free advertising.

It's not the first time the Trump kids have lobbied the accusation of nepotism at other people. As The Inquistr previously reported, Donald Trump Jr. has also called out the Bidens for using their office to improve their business standing.