Oz TV Show ‘Red Brick Road’ Backed By Warner Bros

Looks like the world is back in love with Oz. Disney’s Oz seemed to have reignited the development of Oz properties across the board. It’s a long growing love affair that might have started with Broadway show “Wicked” only to be pushed further by the box office success of Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Disney’s Oz: The Great And Powerful has seen a lot of early success in its $80 million opening. With that high grossing box office, it’s now the third highest grossing opening for March. As it is the studio is already looking forward to putting its stars in another sequel for more Oz action.
Now it looks like Oz fans will be able to enjoy a television series titled Red Brick Road. The series has been shelved for years, but now Warner Bros. wants to bring the Oz show back to life.

It seems like Warner Bros has been doing this under the radar as Oz: The Great And Powerful was hitting it hard with their marketing campaign. Warner Horizon TV has been shopping around to sign a show that’s being described as “Game of Thrones in an Oz World.” Sounds pretty epic, right?

If Red Brick Road goes forward fans will get to see another alternative take on the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. The show will feature an evil queen that takes charge of the merry land of Oz. According to details, the series would explore the question of “Dorothy went down the yellow brick road. So where did the red brick road go?”

Capitalizing on what makes Game Of Thrones so popular, creator Rob Prior is eying a familiar look by focusing on the thematic elements for Oz like “politics, intrigue, and violence.”

What do you think about the new series Red Brick Road? Do you think the series will be better suited on a cable network?