October 21, 2019
Suzanne Somers Talks Nude Instagram Birthday Photo, Says It 'Seemed Like The Right Thing To Do'

Television icon Suzanne Somers spoke out on the nude Instagram birthday photo she posted in honor of her 73rd year on earth that left fans divided when she originally shared it on October 16. As she stated to Page Six, it "seemed like the right thing to do."

Suzanne said in an interview with the gossip site that it was her husband of 43 years, Alan Hamel, who took the pic in the organic vegetable garden of the 73-acre property the couple has called their home since they first wed.

"We were wandering along one of the paths… and I took my top down," she revealed of the impromptu striptease for her husband. "It was hot. The flowers were flowering, the bees were bee-ing… it just seemed like the right thing to do."

She posted the pic on her Instagram account, and reactions were mixed. Fans of the former Three's Company star appeared divided over the photo.

"Oh my, that has to hurt or itch where your sitting," quipped one fan.

Another remarked, "Wow I don't want to see that put some clothes on Susie!"

Other fans were more generous in their comments towards the actress and wellness expert.

"Always Beautiful!! Looking, Amazing Suzanne!! Happy Birthday," said one fan.

"You look awesome. Age is just a number," said another of Suzanne's admirers.

Suzanne also said to Page Six that she enjoys aging, noting that while no one expects a woman of 73 to take her clothes off, she revealed that the move was impromptu and purely natural. The actress also revealed some TMI about her husband, noting that she continues to enjoy the physicality of the couple's relationship even after all these years.

"I'm really happily married," she said. "I'm in love … when you get to this age, love grows, it's deeper.. at this stage why not have fun? I've got him all juiced up on testosterone, I'm all juiced up on estrogen … it makes a difference! His skin is so good — he is sexy."

Legendary gossip columnist Cindy Adams reported for Page Six that Suzanne stated to her that despite all the difficulties she has overcome in her life, she still wakes up each day with a grateful heart.Somers revealed to Adams that she was a child of alcoholics and was diagnosed with dyslexia. She also noted that she has overcome the tragedy of her Malibu house burning down and an accident that left her son severely injured. Suzanne also revealed she has battled breast cancer and moved into a home that had black mold.

Somers told Adams that in celebration of all she has achieved and all the hardships she has endured, she has "gathered myself together, renegotiated. I will not be a victim."

The Inquisitr recently reported that the actress revealed her secrets to making her marriage last, including date nights, a shared drink now and again, and enjoying one another's company.

Suzanne Somers' 27th book, A New Way To Age, will be released in January of 2020.