Marie Osmond Shares Rare Family Photo To Instagram After Osmond Brothers’ Final Performance On ‘The Talk’

Entertainer Marie Osmond arrives at the unveiling of her and her brother Donny Osmond's star from the Las Vegas Walk of Stars outside Flamingo Las Vegas on October 4, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Marie Osmond shared a rare family photo to Instagram less than one week after a heartfelt farewell performance on the CBS daytime series The Talk by the four original Osmond Brothers singing group — Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay — in honor of their sister’s 60th birthday.

Marie shared a post of her oldest brother Tom brushing her youngest brother Jimmy’s teeth while she watched on. In the retro photo, the siblings are wearing pajamas and either readying themselves for bed or for the start of a new day.

Within the photo’s caption, Marie explained that was the way it was in her family, the older siblings watching out for the younger ones. Marie is the second to last of the Osmond siblings, which number nine in total. The family was headed by the clan’s mother and father, George and Olive Osmond.

She also thanked her fans and brothers for “making her birthday dreams come true.” Marie recalled the song the four original Osmond Brothers performed on The Talk, called “The Last Chapter,” where they thanked their fans for their unwavering support as they closed the book on over 60 years in the entertainment business.

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I found this picture a couple days ago as I was going through old photos and scanning them to put on my computer. I like to think that there are no accidents! As I thought about what the photo was telling me, it seemed to define this whole past week. In the photo I'm watching my oldest brother Tom brush my youngest brother Jimmy’s teeth. That’s the way it was in my family, watching, teaching and learning. It’s probably that way in most big families—the older ones watching out for the younger ones. Jimmy probably didn't ask for help, but Tom was there regardless (even though he probably wasn't thrilled to do it). And me watching the torture… that’s another story. The point is… the oldest helped the youngest. I haven’t had time to thank everyone publicly until now for all the effort in having everyone come together to make my birthday dreams come true. The four original Osmond Brothers sang together one last time & I wanted it to be my gift, to all of you too, for the way you have followed them through the years. I love you all! The song they sang on @thetalkcbs is called “The Last Chapter,” Alan wrote it and it's such a special song. I have said many times that without the original Osmond Brothers (our older siblings) there would not have been a Donny, Marie or even Jimmy. But I must even go back a step further and say without Virl & Tom, the two oldest Osmond brothers, who were born hearing impaired… there never would have been the four original Osmond Brothers. You see, they started singing to help buy Virl and Tom hearing aids. I love my brothers so very much!! They taught me (probably even when they didn’t want to) they critiqued me (even when I didn’t want them to ????) and we all kept learning, helping and loving together. The entire experience filled me with incredible gratitude from my family to my new “sisters” Sharon, Sheryl, Carrie Ann & Eve at The Talk to the CBS executives and staff (especially @redmannjohn for bringing the idea up in the first place!). And to all of you who have been with us from the beginning, like the song says “We Love You!” Go to my Facebook page or to read the rest of my #SundayMessage ♥️

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Marie also cited her older brothers, one of whom was pictured in the throwback Instagram snap, Tom, as the reason the family came together to perform in the first place. The clan united in solidarity to raise money for hearing aids for Tom and brother Virl, who were born hearing impaired, and to also raise money for their religious missions mandated by their Mormon faith.

Fans were thrilled by the retro snap, which generated over 6,000 likes on the social media sharing site.

“Thank You, Marie, for your message. I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have driven past Osmond Studios in Orem,” one fan commented. “I have LOVED you and your brothers, And STILL, HAVE an original LP that I bought of The Osmond Brothers years ago. Happy Birthday, and best wishes!”

Another fan remarked, “Marie, I truly love you and your amazing & talented family. These are Beautiful words to express how you feel about them. I’m so happy you are a part of The Talk family.”

Still, another admirer of the clan noted, “Such a beautiful and very loving family. It’s been my joy to watch you all through the years.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Marie revealed her brothers would come out of retirement for one final performance on the CBS daytime talk series.

She explained to co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Carrie Ann Inaba, Eve, and Sheryl Underwood that she owed her career to the four original Osmond brothers and could not think of a better or more fitting way for them to end their performing career than as her guests on The Talk.

Also appearing on the special episode was Marie’s brother Donny Osmond, who was not scheduled to be a part of Marie’s birthday celebration but could not resist coming to honor his only sister alongside his brothers. Donny was the fifth member of the musical clan, who dominated the pop music charts in the 1970s with hits such as “One Bad Apple,” “Sweet and Innocent,” and “Yo-Yo.”

Donny also remembered brothers Tom, Virl, and Jimmy, who were not able to attend the taping of The Talk.

Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond will close out their 11-year run at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas this November.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.