October 21, 2019
'90 Day Fiancé': The Couples Say Goodbye

The third season of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is coming to an end, and the couples have begun saying their goodbyes during the October 20 episode, which is currently available to stream on TLC's website.

The show is a spinoff of the network's original 90 Day Fiancé series and documents the journey of Americans as they travel to meet their overseas partners. Upon arriving to the countries of their respective partners, the couples will then spend time getting to know each other in person before deciding if they're truly compatible.

During the trip, the couples typically get engaged and make the decision to apply for the K-1 visa, they decide that the relationship still needs more time to blossom, or they realize they're not actually compatible and go their separate ways.

This season featured Darcey and Tom, Avery and Omar, Caesar and Maria, Akinyi and Benjamin, Tim and Jeniffer, Zied and Rebecca, and Angela and Michael, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

With only one episode left, the couples' relationship statuses are as follows.

Avery and Omar: Married

After 19-year-old Avery converted from Christianity to Islam, she began looking for love on Muslim dating apps, which is where she met Omar, a 24-year-old dental student living in Syria. The couple met and married in Lebanon before Avery returned to America to figure out how she could get her new husband stateside. During the episode, Avery met with an immigration lawyer, but the likelihood of Omar's K-1 visa being approved was discouraging.

The couple is determined to stay married, but it's unclear what they'll end up doing as it relates to Omar's visa.

Caesar and Maria: Dating

Caesar and Maria are back together, despite warnings from his friends and family. The couple has yet to meet face-to-face, but Caesar revealed that he's now planning a trip to Cuba for him and Maria. He said he refuses to believe she's using him and will continue to help her out financially.

Darcey and Tom: Dating

After spending several weeks together, Tom finally professed his love to Darcey and presented her with a tiny jewelry box. It was believed that Tom would be proposing, but instead, the British man offered the American woman a key to his home. The couple agreed to continue dating long-distance, which didn't sit well with Darcey, but she remained positive that their relationship would overcome the distance.

During the show's upcoming tell-all episode, Darcey will get a blast from the past with the return of her ex, Jesse, with whom she appeared on the previous seasons of Before the 90 Days.

Akinyi and Benjamin: Married, but only in Kenya

Akinyi and Benjamin are officially married, but only in Kenya. After her family accepted Benjamin's payment plan suggestion for the bride price, a previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple celebrated their union. Later that night, they returned home together and consummated their marriage.

When Benjamin returns to America, he's expected to begin the K-1 visa process to bring his new bride home.

Tim and Jeniffer: Dating

After spending two weeks with the woman he loves, Tim is returning to America without consummating their relationship. Tim's refusal to have sex with the Colombian woman has been a topic of discussion among fans, many even speculating he could be gay. Before leaving, he presented Jeniffer with a promise ring and the duo agreed to continue dating long-distance.

Zied and Rebecca: Dating

Zied was shocked and disappointed after learning that Rebecca was still married to her Moroccan husband, but the couple talked things through and they're still together. Zied previously purchased a ring, so it's possible he will propose before Rebecca returns to the United States.

Angela and Michael: Engaged

Despite not being able to have children of their own, Angela and Michael continued with their engagement ceremony and still plan on getting married. As Angela returns to America, she warns Michael not to betray her trust before kissing the man goodbye.

It's worth noting that the show was filmed months in advance, which means the couples' relationship status may have changed.

The final episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs next Sunday, October 27, on TLC.