‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad’s Anxiety Worsens, Mystery Flowers Raise Plenty Of Questions


It seems that Shiloh’s death hasn’t exactly eased Brad’s anxieties on General Hospital last week. In fact, things seems to have gotten worse, which has Lucas questioning Brad on why he is so anxious.

As the spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates, Brad will receive a mysterious bouquet of flowers, which was also shown on Friday’s show. It didn’t come with a card and it wasn’t from Lucas. So who could have sent them? Brad is assuming that it’s Nelle thanking him for showing up to her parole hearing, but that seems unlikely since she is at Pentonville, but not impossible. Brad’s curiosity will have him seeking out the flower shop, but that won’t pan out at all.

The guys are supposed to be headed to therapy with Neil, but Brad is reluctant to go through with it. Thanks to Julian, he agrees that it may raise more suspicions or Brad could say something that would let the cat out of the bag about Wiley. The flowers already have Lucas asking questions.

The flowers could be from Liesl Obrecht taunting Brad about the secret that they share. However, she is embroiled in the whole Nina/Valentin squabble. Brad is most likely not on her mind right now.

Is there someone else who knows about the baby switch? Brad will find out from the florist that the person that sent them paid cash, so it appears that it is someone who is in Port Charles.

Later on in the week, General Hospital spoilers tease that Brad and Lucas will end up meeting with Neil after all. At first, Brad will not want to go, but since Lucas is getting suspicious, he will agree to therapy.

Julian probably won’t like that. According to spoilers from The Inquisitr, Julian got pretty angry when Brad demanded that he help him once again with keeping the secret safe. Julian is getting tired of Brad’s demands and really laid into him about it. Julian is dealing with being heartbroken by Kim Nero, and he isn’t about to take anything from Brad anymore either.

Brad is digging himself into a deeper hole and he is popping even more antacids than ever before. Now that Neil has written him a prescription for his anxiety, things may escalate even more as Lucas starts questioning what is going on with him.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Brad will figure out who the sender of the flowers really is.