Alicia Silverstone Brushes Hair In Bead Crop Top For Bombshell Throwback & Instagram Is In Love

Alicia Silverstone became a household name the minute Clueless hit screens back in 1995. The actress remains much-loved by her fans over on her Instagram, with the 43-year-old's followers appearing to love that Alicia mixes up her up-to-date snaps with throwback photos. The star recently posted an old photo of herself, and it looks like the platform is in love with it. Alicia's post has managed to rack up over 136,000 likes, with over 1,500 comments left.

The photo showed Alicia in her younger days and rocking a full bombshell look with the long and luscious blond hair that quickly became a part of her identity. Alicia was seen in a room backed by a decorative wall, with the star herself seen in front of a mirror and in the process of brushing her hair. The actress was seen holding her hair with one hand and using the other to hold her brush. Outfit-wise, it was a cute look. Alicia was seen rocking a tiny white crop top covered in bead details, with hints of matching bottoms visible. If anything symbolizes the '90s era, it's the crop tops that are now all the rage as the decade's trends return.

Alicia's beauty, great body – which has recently been seen in a blue swimsuit–, and all-around charm seem to have been doing it for her fans. In short, Instagram is in love.

"The Crush, The Babysitter, True Crime, Excess Baggage, all the Aerosmith videos! I was obsessed!" one fan wrote.

"I miss this soooo much," another added.

"Gorgeous and sexy" was another comment.

"Iconic," one fan wrote.

Plenty more comments came in. Fans seemed to adore everything about the snap, with comments appearing to come from both male and female accounts.

Alicia has spoken about becoming famous so young. An interview with Into The Gloss saw the star mention shooting to fame as a youngster, alongside her meat-free mindset.

"Having the spotlight on me as a teenager didn't feel good. I was a very young person when I got really famous and I hadn't planned on that, so I didn't react in a 'Yay!' way. I focused on things that were important to me—the Earth, and animals, and making change in the world," Alicia told the media outlet.

The actress then stated that she went vegan, with many of the comments left to today's posts seeing fans mention the star's veganism. Alicia joins other famous vegans: Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus both follow the lifestyle.

Alicia has 954,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her account.