October 21, 2019
'90 Day Fiancé': Aladin Jallali Continues To Shade Laura Jallali

The drama between 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Aladin Jallali and his estranged wife, Laura Jallali, continues to intensify, and Aladin is making sure his side of the story is heard. According to a report from TV Shows Ace, the Qatar native has been posting shady messages directed at Laura.

Most recently, Aladin posted a short video clip of himself making funny faces. The video had the following three sentences attached to it.

"When someone says they will destroy you…But they accidentally set themselves on fire instead!" Then it said, "KARMA," and "It's coming for ya."

Aladin and Laura dated online for a little over eight months before the 51-year-old woman traveled to Qatar to see her 29-year-old personal trainer boyfriend. The couple spent three days together before Aladin popped the question and asked Laura to be his wife.

Laura then decided to say goodbye to her life in America and permanently relocate to Qatar to build a new life with her fiancé. Since moving to Qatar, Laura and Aladin have gotten into several fights, including one caused by a lack of satisfaction in the bedroom, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

In an attempt to spice things up, the woman introduced the idea of using a dildo during sex, but Aladin was offended by the suggestion. During the show's tell-all episode, Laura implied that there were things in the bedroom that Aladin refused to do. Later, the Qatar native took to Instagram to compare the woman's vagina to "bad sushi."

Fans have expressed concern about Laura's mental health after the woman allegedly pretended to be pregnant in an attempt to get Aladin's attention. The woman has also reportedly sent a photo of herself sporting a black eye to a fellow cast member, but later denied doing it.

The cast members took to social media to share screenshots of the conversation, which were tweeted by reality TV blogger John Yates. In the screenshots, Laura implied that Aladin had been abusive, but did not provide details of the incident.

During the tell-all, it was also revealed that Aladin requested a divorce from Laura. The couple engaged in a heated argument on stage during which Laura asked him to explain his reasoning behind wanting to end their marriage. Aladin insisted that he's tired of being disrespected by Laura and that he doesn't believe they're right for each other.

The couple continued to argue and based on the trailer for the second part of the tell-all special, which airs October 21 on TLC, Laura will be left heartbroken and crying.